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Country festival leads to various DWI, underage citations

Country festival leads to various DWI, underage citations

The summer provides an abundance of opportunities for fun, especially for music lovers. For example, WE Fest took place in Minnesota recently. For those who are not savvy about the local music scene, WE Fest is the super popular days-long festival showcasing the talents of top country artists.

What goes well with a good country song? Drinks, of course. It is not surprising that many concert-goers heighten the fun of the country festival by drinking alcohol. Many people actually camp out at the festival and, therefore, don’t have to worry much about driving. Some, however, apparently did get caught forĀ DWI. Some attendees were also ticketed for underage drinking.

According to reports about WE Fest and the legal complications stemming from the popular event, Minnesota law enforcement cited the following number of people for the varying offenses:

  • 178 people were ticketed for seat belt violations
  • 12 drivers were ticketed for speeding
  • 9 drivers were ticketed for violating terms of their driver’s license suspension or revocation
  • 23 concert-goers were ticketed for underage drinking
  • 25 concert-goers were arrested for DWI

Officials report that the rate of DWI arrests at the country music festival has decreased in the past decade, and this year’s arrests were no surprise compared to recent years.

Though law enforcement might not be surprised by the number of alcohol-related arrests and tickets, for a suspect, facing a DWI charge is commonly a shock. Through the surprise and fear, it can be difficult to know what to do after being charged with drunk driving. Seeking experienced and trustworthy legal counsel is crucial. A DWI charge is serious and deserves to be taken seriously through a vigilant defense.


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