Grand Rapids teen accused of DWI, and felonies after police chase

Frequently, drunk driving allegations arise from some kind of so-called routine traffic stop. Law enforcement may allege that a light was out on a vehicle, or some other traffic violation was observed. But, encounters with police can take a wide variety of forms. And people may be accused of many offenses, where driving while impaired is but just one in a string of charges.

When other offenses are allegedly involved, some may relate to the driving conduct or other motor vehicle related issues. But, some cases may involve alleged situations arising before a person allegedly gets behind the wheel. When multiple charges and events are alleged, the stakes can become much higher. As the allegations mount, the need for a criminal defense strategy also increases as the consequences of multiple convictions can also add up.

A Minnesota teenager is facing multiple criminal charges after police claim he led a chase in Northern Minnesota. Law enforcement says that an officer opened fire at the car during the police chase, but authorities say that no one was hit in the shooting. Authorities believe that the 17-year-old was driving while impaired during the police chase. However, the young man faces other charges ranging from domestic abuse allegations to felony use of deadly force on an officer.

Itasca County officials claim that police were called to investigate an alleged domestic assault situation shortly after 5:30 last Thursday evening. Itasca County deputies reportedly responded to the call in an area southwest of Grand Rapids, Minnesota. Deputies claim that the incident turned into a chase and Grand Rapids police were notified of the incident. As the car entered the city, law enforcement says that a Grand Rapids officer fired his weapon. The chase reportedly persisted, as police claim that the young man tried to run police and civilian cars off the road.

The chase ended somewhere about 10 miles south of Grand Rapids, and police arrested a 17-year-old. He is accused of domestic assault, felony fleeing police, DWI and other charges. Law enforcement says that two officers suffered minor injuries during the incident.

Source: WDIO, “High-Speed Chase: Juvenile Driver Charged,” Emily Haavik, July 5, 2013

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What to Do If You Have Been Charged with a Criminal Offense

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