Hit and Run Sentence Vacated For Man Who Covered Up For His Son

Juan Silva plead guilty to a hit and run accident where one man died in Milwaukee. Silva plead guilty for the offense yet didn’t actually commit the crime. His son Silva Jr. eventually admitted to the accident only after his father had spent the past year in prison. Silva was sentenced to 5 years in prison and was only 25 years old. His sentence was just vacated by a judge. The crash happened back in 2013 and Silva didn’t want his son to have to go to prison. He told authorities that he was the one involved in the accident. The police found out when SIlva’s wife told a co-worker the truth. The co-worker ended up telling authorities which led to a new investigation and a confession from Silva Jr. Silva Jr. has now been charged with three felony county. Hit and run is one of the charged offenses. Silva was told about the confusion when he was serving his time in prison and was brought before a judge quickly.

Juan Zapata-Guerrero was killed in the crash when a GMC ran over two people in front of a Tavern. He was the father of three children. Angalee Jacobs broke her leg, ribs, and had injuries to her head. They were walking outside of the Tavern and Jacobs was about to drive Zapata home. She has publicly stated that she does not believe Silva Sr. is telling the truth. Silva Jr. admitted to the crash to his father the next day and Silva then went to the police. He said he had faulty windshield wipers and was on his phone. Silva Jr. is now facing up to 6 years in prison.

Penalties for Hit and Run – Minnesota

In Minnesota, a hit and run which causes the death of another is a felony. The penalty for a hit and run which causes death is up to three years in prison and up to $5,000 in fines. If the injury does not result in death, but results in great bodily harm the penalty is up to two years in prison with a fine up to $4,000. If the hit and run results in substantial bodily harm or less, the penalty includes up to one year in jail and up to $3,000 in fines.

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What to Do If You Have Been Charged with a Criminal Offense

Involve a criminal appeal attorney soon after you learn the prosecution is appealing your sentence. Your attorney will walk you through the involving and confusing sentencing guidelines. An attorney's involvement will also help you develop a defense strategy for the appeal.