Lakeville man accused of DWI, stalking at Taco Bell window

A Lakeville, Minnesota man found himself being hauled into criminal court after visiting a Taco Bell restaurant in Apple Valley early one morning this month. The man is accused of drunk driving and stalking after authorities say that he tried to get a date with the drive-thru window worker at the fast food joint.

Police claim that the 26-year-old visited the drive-thru lane May 3 at around 2:00 in the morning. Staff at the restaurant says that the man never ordered food, but simply flirted with the woman working at the drive-thru window. She says that she rejected the offer–and claims that the man pulled his car near the front door. Staff claims that the man continued to try to get the woman’s attention by flashing the lights of his car near the front door.

Police were summoned to the restaurant. Dakota County officials claim that the Lakeville man was still parked outside the restaurant when authorities arrived. Police suggest that the man smelled of alcohol, and officers launched an investigation into an alleged driving while impaired offense.

Law enforcement does not have to personally witness any driving conduct under Minnesota law to bring DWI charges against a person who is allegedly in control of a motor vehicle while impaired.

Dakota County officials claim that the man was previously convicted of DWI in 2010 and 2011, which obviously is less than 10 years from the new DWI allegations. Prosecutors apparently have charged the man with gross misdemeanor DWI charges based in part on the prior DWI convictions.

In addition to the DWI charges, Dakota County officials accuse the man of gross misdemeanor stalking for his alleged unwanted conduct toward the female Taco Bell worker.

Source: St. Paul Pioneer Press, “Lakeville: Taco Bell customer charged with stalking, DWI after hitting on employee,” Marino Eccher, Amy 6, 2013

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