Man arrested twice in 21 hours for Minnesota DWI

A man was arrested twice in a 21-hour period for driving while impaired over the weekend. A woman was arrested for DWI at the Stearns County Jail in an unrelated incident went she showed up at the jail to pick up her husband who was being released on a DWI charge.

Law enforcement in Waite Park, Minnesota says that a 20-year-old man was pulled over around 33:300 Saturday morning for allegedly speeding. The traffic stop was expanded to investigate the driver for allegedly drinking and driving. Ultimately, the 20-year-old, who is under the legal age to drink, was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. He was released from the jail around 7:00 Saturday morning.

Early Sunday morning, Sartell, Minnesota police fielded a report of a driver who was allegedly driving erratically. The 20-year-old was reportedly behind the wheel when an officer pulled a car over on the alleged erratic driving complaint. The man was once again arrested on suspicion of DWI within 21 hours of the first arrest. A news report in the St. Cloud Times does not indicate what level of alcohol police believe the driver had in his system during either incident.

Meanwhile, a 52-year-old man was arrested Friday evening for DWI in Stearns County. He was to be released roughly three hours later, and his wife reportedly showed up at the jail to pick him up. Deputies suspected that the woman had been drinking and requested that she submit to a breath test. Jailers often require breath tests at jails to ensure a person picking someone up after release is sober. Authorities claim that the woman tested over the legal limit to drive. The woman was arrested at the jail on suspicion of DWI.

Source: St. Cloud Times, “2 DWI arrests in 21 hours for man,” David Unze, Oct. 29, 2012

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