Police arrest man for underage consumption on U of M campus

When people think about an alleged underage drinking charge on a college campus, the usual image that may come to mind is some kind of loud party bringing in law enforcement to investigate the event. Alleged alcohol offenses on a college campus may seem relatively minor. However, a young adult convicted of underage drinking, underage drinking and driving or other offenses may face collateral difficulties down the road if a conviction is entered, creating a criminal record.

An odd string of events at the University of Minnesota this month led to an underage consumption arrest of one man and the arrest of another for allegedly obstructing officers who were apparently wrestling with the first man. Law enforcement responded to investigate an alleged fight taking place in the parking lot outside the Dinkytown McDonald’s on July 13.

Authorities say that several hundred people were at the location. Police claim that one of the people at the restaurant appeared to fit the description of a man who police believe was involved in an alleged carjacking on the University of Minnesota campus a couple hours earlier that day.

The officer reportedly approached the man, who police say did not want to talk to the officer. The officer responded by attempting to physically restrain the man, according to law enforcement. The cop forced the man into a fence, pinning him in an effort to restrain the man. Onlookers apparently surprised by the police response and a crowd gathered around the two near the fence.

Police say that the group of lookers spoke out against the officer’s handling of the man, so a second officer shot pepper balls into the ground at the feet of the crowd. Meanwhile, the man being detained was brought to the ground where the officer had him pinned. One man stepped forward from the crowd to complain to police at the scene about how the officer was treating the man who was pinned to the ground.

The second man, a college student, reportedly refused to leave the vicinity. Police responded to the bystander by first spraying him with pepper spray in the face, then firing pepper balls—striking him in various parts of his body. He was then arrested for obstruction.

The man who had been taken to the ground based upon his looks reportedly was tested for alcohol and was arrested on suspicion of underage drinking.

Source: Minnesota Daily, “Carjacking leads to wave of arrests,” Kia Farhang, July 17, 2013

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