Minnesota Sexual Assault

In Minnesota sexual assault is usually a felony, or a gross misdemeanor.  Technically, sexual assault or rape in Minnesota is termed “criminal sexual conduct.”  There are many degree of Minnesota criminal sexual conduct or assault.  These range from first degree criminal sexual conduct, a felony which includes forcible rape and sex with a person under 13 or child sexual molestation, to fifth degree criminal sexual conduct, which is a gross misdemeanor and can include touching someone’s intimate parts over the clothes, without their permission.  First degree criminal sexual conduct calls for a presumptive sentence under the Minnesota felony Sentencing Guidelines of 144 months or 12 years in prison.  For clients who had already admitted guilty before retaining legal counsel, Keller Law Offices has successfully engineered a sentence well below the 144 month felony guideline sentence for first degree criminal sexual conduct or sexual assault.  Conviction for a Minnesota Sexual Assault often requires sex offender registration on what is technically called the “predatory offender” registration list.  If applicable, Sex Offender Registration is required for a minimum of 10 years and a maximum of the rest of your lifetime!

Keller Law Offices is also skilled at taking sexual assault cases to trial.  This includes attacking the credibility of the complaining witness or “complainant.”  There are many ways to show that the Complainant has given a false statement to police, including filing motions to learn about the complainant’s background, including prior convictions, drug or alcohol problems, and medical history. There are other ways of researching false complaints or false accusations in Minnesota, including searching social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, My Space, etc.  If you have been charged with a Minnesota Sexual Assault crime, you need the best possible defense as soon as possible.  Call Keller Law Offices right away to preserve your freedom, your marriage, and your job, at 952-913-1421.

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