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Professional License Defense Lawyer for Substance Abuse Issues

Defending Minnesota Professionals Against Allegations of Drug or Alcohol Abuse

Keller Law Offices in St. Paul and Minneapolis provides license defense for medical professionals who are facing allegations of substance abuse.

Some of the most serious allegations that a Minnesota licensed professional can face are those involving substance abuse issues. If not handled properly, such allegations can destroy the reputation, career, and lifestyle you have worked so hard to obtain. There is too much on the line to try to handle allegations of substance abuse or addiction on your own.

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Have You Been Falsely Accused of Substance Abuse or Addiction Issues?

Every year, state medical licensing boards receive thousands of complaints against doctors, nurses, and other licensed healthcare professionals in Minnesota. Many of these complaints involve allegations of substance abuse including prescription drug misuse, use of illegal drugs, and alcohol addiction. Sometimes, these complaints come from patients or clients who suspect their medical providers may have a problem. Often, board complaints are submitted by coworkers, employers, or mandated reporters. In a large number of cases, the allegations are unsubstantiated. If you have been falsely accused like many other healthcare professionals, our skilled attorneys can help make sure you make it through this nightmare without discipline or damage to your professional reputation.

Are you a Medical Professional Who Is Struggling with Addiction?

Thousands of people throughout Minnesota struggle with substance abuse issues. In 2015, the Minnesota Department of Health expressed concern over the alarming rise in opioid overdose deaths (including fatalities caused by prescription painkillers and heroin.) That year, 572 people lost their lives to drugs. Unfortunately, healthcare professionals are not immune to the epidemic. Occupational stress, access to medications, and the busy lifestyles that most medical professionals lead make them more susceptible. For some medical professionals who are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, a letter from the medical board is a wake-up call.

If you are struggling with substance abuse issues, help is available. The Health Professionals Services Program (HPSP), for instance, is designed to provide monitoring and sobriety support to medical professionals. While the medical licensing boards are likely to be more compassionate if you attempt to address your addiction through sobriety programs, you should speak with a license defense attorney to determine whether this or other programs are right for you. Oftentimes, taking steps to get clean before your hearing can help preserve your ability to continue to practice in your field.

Our Professional License Defense Lawyers Can Help

Whether or not allegations of substance abuse are true, don’t give up hope. Give our professional license defense lawyers a call instead. We can provide support and guidance during this difficult time. We’ll help reduce stress for you by handling medical board responses and legal matters on your behalf. We will guide you through the investigation, be beside you during your hearing, and work to minimize the damage that substance abuse issues cause with your professional license and your ability to work.

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