Repeat Offender May Face Three Counts of Homicide by Drunken Driving

A man accused of repeat drunk driving last Thursday night faces three counts of homicide by drunken driving. The man was involved in a crash that resulted in the deaths of three young adults traveling from the Twin Cities to Milwaukee. The crash occurred outside of Madison, Wisconsin along Interstate 39/90.

The man is being held in jail without bail as investigators start to build a case for the Dane County District Attorney in Madison. Previously, the man was found guilty in another incident of drunken driving that occurred five years ago. He was picked up for swerving in and out of his lane and was recorded as having a blood alcohol content of .22 percent.

The accident occurred at 2:39 in the morning on Thursday, October 7th. Five young adults pulled over on the side of the interstate north of Madison while on their way from Minnesota to Milwaukee. They had pulled over to fix a flat tire on the left-hand shoulder of the southbound lane of the interstate. The man was traveling southbound on the interstate. He deviated onto the shoulder of the interstate and ran into the young adults’ vehicle. Two individuals had remained inside the pulled over car and three were outside of it when the incident occurred. Two of the individuals who were standing along the side of the car were fatally injured at the scene of the accident, and one of the young adults that remained in the vehicle died after reaching the hospital.

Source: Star Tribune, “Driver Awaits Charges in Crash that Killed 3 from Twin Cities,” Paul Walsh and Abby Simons, 10/8/10

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