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Our Success Stories

In April 2014, Max A. Keller resolved a Wright County DWI case from June, 2013. The client was facing a third degree DWI and 2nd degree test refusal charges and had committed his third lifetime DWI. The new case was also a probation violation for another DWI for which he was still on probation. Worst of all, the client had been driving his wife’s vehicle, which the police were now trying to forfeit based on the DWI forfeiture law. Keller Law Offices was able to get the client no additional jail time and the vehicle forfeiture was cancelled and vehicle returned to the client’s wife. They were very happy to get their vehicle back and escape the harsh consequences of a DWI vehicle forfeiture.

File # 13-051

In March 2014, Max Keller won the dismissal of a four-year old DWI case against his client. In several contested hearings and motions, Keller challenged (1) the Intoxilyzer computer source code, (2) the memory chips in the Intoxilyzer, (3) the fact that his client was subject to warrantless testing contrary to the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2013 decision in McNeely v. Missouri, and (4) the fact that the arresting officer was unavailable to come to court to testify at trial. Keller first won suppression of the test result due to warrantless searching/testing, and then got all charges dismissed except for a minor equipment violation. Since he only had to pay a fine and got no probation, etc., the client was ecstatic.

File # 10-003

In a Hennepin County DWI Case resolved in September 2013, Keller Law Office’s client was facing a rare trifecta–and not the good kind. He was charged with a 2nd degree DWI and his vehicle was subject to forfeiture, even though he had never gotten a DWI before! The client’s Hennepin County DWI predicament stemmed from the fact that he got a DWI and a test refusal charge (which is an “aggravating factor”) AND he had a child in the car, another aggravating factor, thus the first time DWI was elevated from a 4th degree DWI to a 2nd degree DWI and the client’s vehicle was subject to forfeiture as if it were a third offense in 10 years! Hennepin County DWI Criminal Defense Attorney Max A. Keller was able to negotiate a resolution to the case whereby the client got this vehicle back so that he continues working, etc.

File # 13-040

In June 2013, Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney Max Keller secured a dismissal of felony criminal sexual conduct charges against his 16-year-old juvenile client in a Dakota County case by showing that his client was wrongfully accused. Cell phone evidence of test messages on the Client’s phone and the Complainant’s phone showed that the sexual encounter was consensual, contrary to what the young lady claimed. Our client and his mother were very happy to see the case quickly dismissed.

File # 13-002

In July 2013, in spite of the client’s lengthy record, Minnesota Attorney Max Keller secured the expungement of two Hennepin County theft crimes for his client. Mr. Keller was able to show that his client had rehabilitated himself and had helped others through community service. This helped convince the judge that our client deserved to have his record wiped cleaned or expunged. The Client was very pleased with his improved job prospects as a result of the expungement.

File # 12-102

In 2013, Keller Law Offices helped a Physical Therapist who was accused of sexual improprieties outside the workplace. Mr. Keller and the client met with a Minneapolis Police Dept. Sex Crimes Detective. The client was able to explain what happened, and that he had not committed any crime. The Detective agreed, and gave him a warning. The Client was very happy.

File 13-030

In a 2012 Ramsey County DWI, Mr. Keller’s client was stopped for speeding and unfortunately wound up charged with a DWI. Mr. Keller was able to get the DWI charge dismissed in favor of a guilty plea to careless driving and he then scheduled an implied consent driver’s license revocation hearing. Months later, when the implied consent hearing was finally held, Mr. Keller got the DL Revocation thrown out. The client was pleasantly surprised.

File # 12-088

In 2012, a Stearns County DWI resolved in 2013, Mr. Keller’s client was charged with a fourth DWI in a lifetime and was on probation for another DWI where Mr. Keller had gotten him a Stay of Adjudication, meaning no conviction. Mr. Keller proved that the State has mis-read his client’s record and showed that he had only 1 prior conviction at the time his arrest, so the charge was reduced from a second degree DWI to a third degree DWI, cutting the client’s jail time down to one-third of what was originally proposed. The client was very happy as he got to go back to work.

File # 12-086

In a 2012 Dakota Co. Juvenile Criminal Sexual Conduct case resolved in 2013, Mr. Keller’s juvenile client was accused of forcing another boy to have sex. Mr. Keller was able to point out the numerous flaws in the State’s case and, after several court appearances, was able to get all charges dismissed in exchange for one counseling appointment. The client and his mother were thrilled.

File # 12-083

In a 2012 Stearns County DWI resolved in 2013, Mr. Keller was able to get the alcohol or Datamaster test thrown out in court because his client has been subject to warrantless testing and any consent was coerced.

File # 12-077

In a 2012 Hennepin County criminal sexual conduct case, a man was accused of masturbating in public in a movie theater. He denied the allegations, and Mr. Keller was able to secure a resolution where he was convicted of nothing, did not become a felon, and did not have to register as a sex offender, in exchange for undergoing counseling.

File # 12-071
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