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Our Success Stories

In an August 2012 DWI resolved in January 2013 in Sibley County, Max Keller’s client was charged with a third DWI in 10 years, even though he was only a college student. Due to an accident and delay in finding him, the client was not tested until many hours after driving. Mr. Keller was able to secure a plea bargain via a Stay of Adjudication where the client was convicted of nothing, in return for agreeing to undergo alcohol treatment, and did Not lose his license. He was very happy.

File # 12-067

In a 2012 Dakota County Felony theft case, Mr. Keller’s client was facing a return to prison on a probation violation on a felony drug charge, as well as a trip to prison on his new charge of possession of stolen property in Dakota Co. Mr. Keller was able to find a favorable judge, who sentenced his client to local jail time, avoiding prison, and avoiding a revocation of probation and a prison sentence on the other case.

File # 12-040

In January 2013, Mr. Keller’s client was sentenced on a 2012 Hennepin County possession of child pornography charge. Mr. Keller was able to keep his client out of prison, and the sentence was only 60 days of house arrest with work release. The client was pleaded to be able to continue his current employment.

File # 12-035

In a 2012 Freeborn County felony case resolved in 2014, Mr. Keller’s client was charged with third degree felony criminal sexual conduct for allegedly having sex with a 15-year-old girl when the client was about 24 years old. After arguing and winning some innovative pre-trial motions, Mr. Keller had weakened the State’s case. The result was that the case was resolved with a plea to a non-felony charge, allowing the client to continue his employment.

File # 12-028

In a 2012 Duluth felony case, our client was charged with possession of child pornography in St. Louis County. By getting the client into treatment early in the process, Mr. Keller was able to arrange a very favorable sentence: no jail time and reduction to a Misdemeanor-level conviction at the end of probation.

File #12-027

In a 2012 Hennepin County felony stalking case, our client was charged with harassing his neighbor over a period of years, based on past convictions and a new incident. The client had been drunk and didn’t realize that he had disturbed his neighbor’s property. Max Keller was able to engineer a favorable plea agreement for the client where he received a gross misdemeanor sentence and thus no felony conviction. That way, after completing alcohol treatment, the client was able to continue to pursue employment.

File # 12-018

In 2011 Anoka County case heard in June 2012, Mr. Keller secured an expungement of a Gross Misdemeanor Theft charge for his client, enhancing his employment possibilities. Because his client had demonstrable proof of serious rehabilitation and several compelling letters of support, Mr. Keller was able to secure a clean record for his client in spite of the fact that he had about 5 other similar convictions on his record. All the theft cases came from a period in his life when he was addicted to drugs. Because he is committed to sobriety and has a good job, with this Expungement in hand, our client has a bright future.

File # 11-076

In a 2012 Redwood Falls DWI case, Max Keller was representing a woman charged with her second DWI in 7 years. Thus, she was charged with a gross misdemeanor with a maximum sentence of 1 year and a minimum of 30 days’ jail. Mr. Keller was able to get the charge reduced to a misdemeanor DWI treated as a first offense. As a result, the client was able to keep her job and care for her children.

File # 12-013

In a 2012 Dakota County Domestic Assault case, Mr. Keller represented a military Veteran with a bright future. The Client had a significant other and two children to help provide for, and was training for a good construction job. Keller Law Offices was able to get the domestic assault charge dismissed so that the client could continue his civilian job and also his part-time work with the National Guard, which required him to not have a conviction for domestic assault so that he still had a right to Bear Arms and could thus be armed while on duty with the Guard. The client was very happy.

File # 12-010

In a Spring 2012 Anoka County Driving After Cancellation case, Mr. Keller was able to show that his client had never received notice from the Department of Public Safety this his Driver’s License was being re-cancelled, due to an alleged violation of the Ignition Interlock program. Accordingly, due the lack of notice, the prosecutor was forced to dismiss all charged, including Driving After Cancellation-IPS (Inimical to Public Safety), which is a gross misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail and or a $3000 fine.

File # 12-006

In a 2011 Hennepin County Driving While Impaired (DWI) case, in spite of the fact that the client had a one-vehicle accident and a .11 alcohol concentration (almost 50% over the legal limit) Mr. Keller was able to obtain dismissal of the DWI charges in favor of a plea to careless driving.

File # 11-091
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