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Our Success Stories

In 2008 Scott County Drug Possession and vehicle forfeiture cases, Max secured a sentence of no jail for his client, in spite of the fact that the client had multiple prior felony convictions for drug possession. In the companion vehicle forfeiture case, the prosecutor from the County Attorney’s Office demanded $6000 to return the vehicle to the defendant’s wife, who was a co-owner of the vehicle along with client. Ultimately, Max convinced the prosecutor to return the vehicle to his client’s wife with the client and wife paying nothing!

File #08-016

In a 2007 Anoka County case, a client was charged with his second DWI in three years. Max won his client’s implied consent Driver’s License revocation case because, among other things, the police read the wrong form to his client. The result was that his client got his driver’s license back; his license plates back, and all DWI charges were dismissed in the criminal case.

File # 06-763

In a 2007 Martin County case, Max won his argument to throw out the test result of this client charged with his third DWI. Max convinced the judge that his client’s pre-test right to counsel was violated, leaving to the vehicle forfeiture being cancelled and the vehicle returned to the owner, and a gross misdemeanor 2nd degree DWI with a mandatory minimum jail sentence of 90 days was dismissed. In addition, a different judge ruled against Max’s client on the same facts in the license revocation Implied Consent hearing where Max was contesting a one-year revocation of his client’s driver’s license, as well as the cancellation of his license as Inimical to Public Safety. When Max appealed the adverse ruling on the driver’s license case, he won and his client’s license was restored.

File # 07-142

In a Sherburne County case in 2007, Max got his client’s DWI dismissed in favor of a plea to a reduced charge of careless driving; Max then went on to win the implied consent driver’s license revocation hearing, meaning that his client had no revocation of his driver’s license and no conviction for DWI.

File # 07-122

In a Washington County case, Max represented a driver charged with second degree DWI Refusal (refusal with one prior in 10 years), who also had his vehicle forfeited as a result. On the day of trial, Max arranged a very favorable deal for his client whereby the Driver got a Stay of Adjudication (meaning no conviction) and his vehicle was returned to him.

File # 06-750

In a Hennepin County case, Max’s client was charged with DWI and a felony (felon in possession of a firearm) carrying a mandatory minimum sentence of Five Years (60 months). The prosecutor wanted the 60-month sentence. The Judge said she would sentence the client to 36 months. Max successfully engineered a sentence of time served, which was about 45 days, rather than the mandatory minimum of 5 years.

File # 06-703

Max’s client faced a 5th lifetime DWI in a Ramsey County Case. Max successfully engineered a sentence of no jail time in favor of electronic home monitory (a.k.a. house arrest) with work release.

File # 04-0383

In a Martin County case, Max won a jury trial acquittal where his client was charged with Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana, even though Marijuana was found in the vehicle and in his bloodstream, because there was no evidence that the client smoked marijuana on the day the police stopped him.


In a Jackson County case, Max got his client’s Underage Drinking and Driving charge dismissed when Max convinced the Judge to throw out or “suppress” his client’s statement that the client had driven to school, because the school police failed to advise the student/client of his Miranda right to remain silent. After the client’s statement was tossed out, there was no evidence indicating that the client drove to school that day; therefore, the Underage Drinking & Driving charge had to be dismissed.

File # 04-0117

In a Faribault County case where his client was charged with Driving Under the Influence of Meth. Max got all the DWI charges dismissed when the Judge agreed with Max’s arguments that the police lacked probable cause to demand a blood test from his client.

File # 03-0043
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