Sex with student charges for husband and wife within the same week

A husband and wife were both accused of having sex with students in two separate incidents and separate victims. The couple, Charli and James Parker were both arrested within the same week on the same charges with different victims. Parker was charged with engaging in a sexual act with a student under the age of 19 when she was an employee of the school. Charli also faces charges involving having a sexual relationship with a student for the past two years. Both of them were suspended from Pickens Academy. The allegations state that Charli and the student had many sexual encounters. Both taught classes and coached students at Pickens Academy. Both will need a criminal defense attorney to fight the sex with student charges against them.

In Minnesota, there are 5 degrees of criminal sexual conduct. First-degree criminal sexual conduct is the most severe and is when there is sexual penetration or sexual contact with a victim under 13 years old. To be charged with Criminal sexual conduct in the first degree, the defendant has to be more than 36 months older that the victim under 13, or the victim is between 13 and 16 the defendant is more than 48 months older, or if the victim has reasonable fear of harm, or if the defendant is armed with a dangerous weapon, or caused injury to victim, used coercion, or had reason to know the victim is mentally impaired, or if there was a significant relationship and the victim was under 16 at the time. There are clearly many ways and situations that could lead to a first-degree criminal sexual conduct charge. Depending on whether there was sexual contact or penetration the severity of the charge would change.

CSC in Minnesota

If you have been charged with a sexual harassment claim such as third or fourth degree criminal sexual conduct  or having sex with a student, please contact Max Keller.  If convicted of sexual harassment or criminal sexual conduct, you may be facing substantial prison time. The attorneys at Keller Law Offices are ready to help you with the sexual harassment allegations against you. They have helped other people in the same situation as you, in counties all over Minnesota.  Some defenses may include consent, alternate perpetrator, or mistake of age. The attorneys will be able to see if there is a valid defense to the charges. Max Keller has handled many sexual harassment cases throughout Minnesota and has won jury trials. Max Keller offers a free consultation. Call today at 952-912-1421 or visit the firm’s website at

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What to Do If You Have Been Charged with a Criminal Offense

Involve a criminal appeal attorney soon after you learn the prosecution is appealing your sentence. Your attorney will walk you through the involving and confusing sentencing guidelines. An attorney's involvement will also help you develop a defense strategy for the appeal.