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Our Success Stories


Lexie Stein of Keller Law Offices recently got a third degree assault case dismissed in Hennepin County. The case involved a fight between two men who had been out drinking most of the evening. A fight broke out and Lexie Stein’s client was charged for assaulting the alleged victim. The client, however, was trying to break up the fight and did not instigate or start it. The alleged victim had a fracture to his jaw as a result of the fight. A fracture is “substantial bodily harm” under the statute and constitutes third assault. Ms. Stein was able to show that her client was also a victim in the case and not the aggressor. Through images, Ms. Stein was able to show that her client was also seriously injured. By pointing out many inconsistencies in different witnesses statements, Ms. Stein was able to convince the prosecutor that her client was a victim, not an aggressor.  Minnesota Third degree assault requires “substantial bodily harm” and carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison and $10,000.  Had Lexie’s client been convicted of a felony, he would have lost his job and his livelihood. Needless to say, he was ecstatic with the outcome.  (case # 15-01L)

In a Renville County DWI from 2014, Keller Law Offices subpoenaed the BCA to testify at an implied consent driver’s license hearing. Their client was charged with a DWI and his livelihood was at stake because he had a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and was employed as a trucker.  Due to contesting the driver’s license revocation and showing the inaccuracies of the urine test result and the fact that no one had seen his client driving, Max Keller was able to convince the prosecutor to dismiss the DWI charge and the client plead guilty to careless driving instead.  (File #14-021).

In a Winona County DWI case heard in November 2014, Keller Law Office’s client tested a .080 but was still charged with a DWI and had her Driver’s License revoked under the Minnesota Implied Consent Law.  Mr. Keller subpoenaed the BCA to testify to the inaccuracy of the Datamaster breath testing machine.  The criminal charges were all dismissed and the implied consent driver’s license was rescinded, meaning that our client got her driver’s license back.  Needless to say, she was ecstatic. (File # 14-064)

In a November 2014 Dakota County Driver’s License hearing on an alleged violation of Ignition Interlock, Keller Law Office’s client was facing 4 extra years on Ignition Interlock, at a total cost of at least $4500, due to alleged tampering with Ignition Interlock.  Minnesota Ignition Interlock attorney Max A. Keller proved that his client had NOT tampered with Ignition Interlock.  As a result, the client did not have to do an extra four years on Ignition Interlock and his driver’s license was uncancelled.  Our client was ecstatic.  (File # 14-058)

In September 2014, Max A. Keller of Keller Law Offices was able to get Domestic Assault Charges against his client in a Hennepin County case stemming from the city of Bloomington dismissed and the client sentenced to no further jail.  The client had severe mental health and chemical dependency issues. He was receiving services in another case in Hennepin County Mental Health Court. The client was able to get off of probation on that file and was happy to receive the appropriate services for his issues.  (File # 14-029)

In September 2014, Max Keller of Keller Law Offices successfully argued for a Downward Sentencing Departure in a Pine County 1st degree drug charge for allegedly selling Methamphetamine.  Mr. Keller’s client was an Army veteran who had seen combat duty in Iraq.  Max Keller got the charge reduced to second degree controlled substance crime, rather than first degree, which cut the presumptive sentence under the Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines in half.  Then Keller presented evidence of his client’s honorable service in the military including combat service in Iraq.  He showed that because his client was a combat veteran that he suffered from severe PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  He explained to the judge that his client had a 70% Disability rating from the VA (Veteran’s Administration) for PTSD and hearing loss from the combat service in Iraq.  Mr. Keller convinced the Judge to sentence his client to what amounted to 90 days of Jail time including sentenced to Serve, instead of the presumptive prison sentence of 48 months.  The client and his family were very happy. (File # 14-013)

Max A. Keller and Lexie D. Stein of Keller Law Offices  won a domestic assault jury trial in Ramsey County in September, 2014.  Their client, a college student, was charged with four counts:  2 counts of domestic assault (fear and harm), disorderly conduct, and criminal damage to property.  A conviction for domestic assault would have derailed the client’s plans of going to medical school.  After a three day jury trial, the Ramsey County jury acquitted the client on all charges. The client broke down crying with relief after the verdicts were read.  Naturally, the client and his parents were extremely pleased.  And his career plans were saved.  (File # 13-098)

In May 2014, Keller Law Offices won a complete dismissal of felony assault charges against a client in Chisago County.  Max Keller showed that his client, who was accused of biting a paramedic and fighting with police, was suffering under the equivalent of temporary insanity because he had just had a seizure, although police claimed it was a drug overdose.  When Keller produced medical records showing that his client did not have any drugs in his system that could have caused the alleged overdose symptoms, the prosecutor agreed to drop the charges.  The client, who could now go back to work, was ecstatic. (File # 13-100)

In an April 2014 case, Lexie Stein won the complete dismissal on the day of trial of Hennepin County felony threats and theft charges against her client, who had been innocently picking up a prescription at the drug store.  Realizing the weakness of the State’s case, the prosecutor tried to substitute a felony theft charge for the threats charge.  Lexie successfully argued that State lacked probable cause for the new felony theft charge.  Therefore, the Judge had no choice but to dismiss the case.  The client was thrilled.  (File # 13-L3)

In July, 2014, in a Dakota County sex case charged in 2013, Keller Law Offices client was charged with criminal sexual conduct for sexually touching an incapacitated person, and possession of child pornography.  He was facing a likely prison sentence.  Luckily for him, criminal defense attorney Max A. Keller was able to arrange a settlement whereby the client avoided prison time. The client then was able to continue working and going to school and was very happy.  (File # 13-016)

In a Dakota County DWI case from 2012 resolved in May of 2014, Keller Law Offices Client was sentenced to only three additional days of jail even though he had committed his 5th lifetime DWI.  The client had already completed alcohol treatment, allowing Max Keller to successfully convince the Dakota County judge to order the client to do the balance of his sentence on house arrest with alcohol monitoring rather than jail. The client was pleased that this allowed him to continue his home-based business.  We also helped him to get driving legally again by going on Ignition Interlock.  (File 13-008)

In April 2014, Max A. Keller resolved a Wright County DWI case from June, 2013.  The client was facing a third degree DWI and 2nd degree test refusal charges and had committed his third lifetime DWI. The new case was also a probation violation for another DWI for which he was still on probation. Worst of all, the client had been driving his wife’s vehicle, which the police were now trying to forfeit based on the DWI forfeiture law.  Keller Law Offices was able to get the client no additional jail time and the vehicle forfeiture was cancelled and vehicle returned to the client’s wife.  They were very happy to get their vehicle back and escape the harsh consequences of a DWI vehicle forfeiture.  (File # 13-051)

In March 2014, Max Keller won the dismissal of a four-year old DWI case against his client.  In several contested hearings and motions, Keller challenged (1) the Intoxilyzer computer source code, (2) the memory chips in the Intoxilyzer, (3) the fact that his client was subject to warrantless testing contrary to the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2013 decision in McNeely v. Missouri, and (4) the fact that the arresting officer was unavailable to come to court to testify at trial.  Keller first won suppression of the test result due to warrantless searching/testing, and then got all charges dismissed except for a minor equipment violation. Since he only had to pay a fine and got no probation, etc, the client was ecstatic.   (file # 10-003)

In a Hennepin County DWI Case resolved in September 2013, Keller Law Office’s client was facing a rare trifecta–and not the good kind.  He was charged with a 2nd degree DWI and his vehicle was subject to forfeiture, even though he had never gotten a DWI before!  The client’s Hennepin County DWI predicament stemmed from the fact that he got a DWI and a test refusal charge (which is an “aggravating factor”) AND he had a child in the car, another aggravating factor, thus the first time DWI was elevated from a 4th degree DWI to a 2nd degree DWI and the client’s vehicle was subject to forfeiture as if it were a third offense in 10 years!  Hennepin County DWI Criminal Defense Attorney Max A. Keller was able to negotiate a resolution to the case whereby the client got this vehicle back so that he continue working, etc.  (File # 13-040)

In June 2013, Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney Max Keller secured a dismissal of felony criminal sexual conduct charges against his 16-year-old juvenile client in a Dakota County case by showing that his client was wrongfully accused.  Cel phone evidence of test messages on the Client’s phone and the Complainant’s phone showed that the sexual encounter was consensual, contrary to what the young lady claimed. Our client and his mother were very happy to see the case quickly dismissed.  (File 13-002).

In July 2013, in spite of the client’s  lengthy record, Minnesota Attorney Max Keller secured the expungement of two Hennepin County theft crimes for his client.  Mr. Keller was able to show that his client had rehabilitated himself and had helped others through community service.  This helped convince the judge that our client deserved to have his record wiped cleaned or expunged.  The Client was very pleased with his improved job prospects as a result of the expungement.  (File # 12-102)

In 2013, Keller Law Offices helped a Physical Therapist who was accused of sexual improprieties outside the workplace.  Mr. Keller and the client met with a Minneapolis Police Dept. Sex Crimes Detective.  The client was able to explain what happened, and that he had not committed any crime.  The Detective agreed, and gave him a warning.  The Client was very happy. (File 13-030).

In a 2012 Ramsey County DWI, Mr. Keller’s client was stopped for speeding and unfortunately wound up charged with a DWI.  Mr. Keller was able to get the DWI charge dismissed in favor of a guilty plea to careless driving and he then scheduled an implied consent driver’s license revocation hearing.  Months later, when the implied consent hearing was finally held, Mr. Keller got the DL Revocation thrown out.  The client was pleasantly surprised.  (File # 12-088)

In 2012 a Stearns County DWI resolved in 2013, Mr. Keller’s client was charged with a fourth DWI in a lifetime and was on probation for another DWI where Mr. Keller had gotten him a Stay of Adjudication, meaning no conviction.  Mr. Keller proved that the State has mis-read his client’s record and showed that he had only 1 prior conviction at the time his arrest, so the charge was reduced from a second degree DWI to a third degree DWI, cutting the client’s jail time down to one-third of what was originally proposed. The client was very happy as he got to go back to work. File # 12-086)

In a 2012 Dakota Co. juvenile Criminal Sexual Conduct case resolved in 2013, Mr. Keller’s juvenile client was accused of forcing another boy to have sex.  Mr. Keller was able to point out the numerous flaws in the State’s case and , after several court appearances, was able to get all charges dismissed in exchange for one counseling appointment. The client and his mother were thrilled. (file # 12-083)

In a 2012 Stearns County DWI resolved in 2013, Mr. Keller was able to get the alcohol or Datamaster test thrown out in court because his client has been subject to warrantless testing and any consent was coerced.  (File # 12-077)

In a 2012 Hennepin County criminal sexual conduct case, a man was accused of masturbating in public in a movie theater. He denied the allegations, and Mr. Keller was able to secure a resolution where he was convicted of nothing, did not become a felon, and did not have to register as a sex offender, in exchange for undergoing counseling. File # 12-071)

In an August 2012 DWI resolved in January 2013 in Sibley County, Max Keller’s client was charged with a third DWI in 10 years, even though he was only a college student.  Due to an accident and delay in finding him, the client was not tested until many hours after driving.  Mr. Keller was able to secure a plea bargain via a Stay of Adjudication where the client was convicted of nothing, in return for agreeing to undergo alcohol treatment, and did Not lose his license.  He was very happy. (File # 12-067).

In a 2012 Dakota County Felony theft case, Mr. Keller’s client was facing a return to prison on a probation violation on a felony drug charge, as well as a trip to prison on his new charge of possession of stolen property in Dakota Co.  Mr. Keller was able to find a favorable judge, who sentenced his client to local jail time, avoiding prison, and avoiding a revocation of probation and a prison sentence on the other case. (File # 12-040)

In January 2013, Mr. Keller’s client was sentenced on a 2012 Hennepin County possession of child pornography charge.  Mr. Keller was able to keep his client out of prison, and the sentence was only 60 days of house arrest with work release.  The client was pleaded to be able to continue his current employment. (File # 12-035)

In a 2012 Freeborn County felony case resolved in 2014, Mr. Keller’s client was charged with third degree felony criminal sexual conduct for allegedly having sex with a 15 year old girl when the client was about 24 years old.  After arguing and winning some innovative pre-trial motions, Mr. Keller had weakened the State’s case. The result was that the case was resolved with a plea to a non-felony charge, allowing the client to continue his employment.  (File # 12-028).

In a 2012 Duluth felony case, our client was charged with possession of child pornography in St. Louis County.  By getting the client into treatment early in the process, Mr. Keller was able to arrange a very favorable sentence:  no jail time and reduction to a Misdemeanor-level conviction at the end of probation. (File #12-027)

In a 2012 Hennepin County felony stalking case, our client was charged with harassing his neighbor over a period of years, based on past convictions and a new incident.  The client had been drunk and didn’t realize that he had disturbed his neighbor’s property.  Max Keller was able to engineer a favorable plea agreement for the client where he received a gross misdemeanor sentence and thus no felony conviction.  That way, after completing alcohol treatment, the client was able to continue to pursue employment.  (File # 12-018)

In  2011 Anoka County case heard in June 2012, Mr. Keller secured an expungement of a Gross Misdemeanor Theft charge for his client, enhancing his employment possibilities. Because his client had demonstrable proof of serious rehabilitation and several compelling letters of support, Mr. Keller was able to secure a clean record for his client in spite of the fact that he had about 5 other similar convictions on his record. All the theft cases came from a period in his life when he was addicted to drugs. Because he is committed to sobriety and has a good job, with this Expungement in hand, our client has a bright future. (File # 11-076)

In a 2012 Redwood Falls DWI case, Max Keller was representing a woman charged with her second DWI in 7 years.  Thus, she was charged with a gross misdemeanor with a maximum sentence of 1 year and a minimum of 30 days jail.  Mr. Keller was able to get the charge reduced to a misdemeanor DWI treated as a first offense.  As a result, the client was able to keep her job and care for her children.  (File # 12-013)

In a 2012 Dakota County Domestic Assault case, Mr. Keller represented a military Veteran with a bright future.  The Client had a significant other and two children to help provide for, and was training for a good construction job.  Keller Law Offices was able to get the domestic assault charge dismissed so that the client could continue his civilian job and also his part-time work with the National Guard, which required him to not have a conviction for domestic assault so that he still had a right to Bear Arms and could thus be armed while on duty with the Guard. The client was very happy.  (File # 12-010)

In a Spring 2012 Anoka County Driving After Cancellation case, Mr. Keller was able to show that his client had never received notice from the Department of Public Safety this his Driver’s License was being re-cancelled, due to an alleged violation of the Ignition Interlock program.  Accordingly, due the lack of notice, the prosecutor was forced to dismiss all charged, including Driving After Cancellation-IPS (Inimical to Public Safety), which is a gross misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail and or a $3000 fine. (File # 12-006).

In a 2011 Hennepin County Driving While Impaired (DWI) case, in spite of the fact that the client had a one-vehicle accident and a .11 alcohol concentration (almost 50% over the legal limit) Mr. Keller was able to obtain dismissal of the DWI charges in favor of a plea to careless driving. (File # 11-091)

In a 2011 Ramsey County case resolved in 2012, Mr. Keller’s client was a prominent executive with a large national retailing company headquartered here in the Twin Cities.  Unfortunately, his client was charged with Soliciting a Prostitute due to an internet sting by the Maplewood Police Department.  Luckily for the client, Mr. Keller was able to engineer a plea agreement with no conviction, so the client was able to resume his career.  (File # 11-097).

In a 2011 Ramsey County DWI case, Mr. Keller’s client got a DWI after an accident in which the client wrecked his car.  While that case was pending, the client got another DWI after another accident and another totaled car. In both cases he was facing the revocation of his felony stay of adjudication for a drug case in another county.  Mr. Keller was able to preserve his client’s Stay of Adjudication in the drug case so that the client had no Felony on his record, and got his client sentenced to time served in both DWI cases, the second one being reduced from a gross misdemeanor to a misdemeanor with no probation.  (File #’s 11-090 and 11-009)

In a 2011 Dakota County DWI forfeiture case heard in October 2012, Mr. Keller was able to secure the return of his client’s vehicle to the client, who was an “innocent owner,” meaning not charged with any crime.  Our client had made the mistake of allowing her boyfriend to drive her car, not knowing of his prior DWI or that he was over the .08 limit OR that he would ultimately refuse the DWI test at the station and thereby subject the client’s vehicle to DWI Forfeiture.  Mr. Keller convinced the judge that his client truly was innocent because she had no reason to think her boyfriend would violate the DWI laws.  She was very happy to get her car back.  (File # 11-063)

In a 2011 federal case resolved in 2012, Mr. Keller’s client was a military veteran and a former federal law enforcement officer. He was charged with the crime of making a false statement to the FBI. By showing that the client had been acting out of character and under duress, had made full Restitution, and was a highly decorated combat veteran, Mr. Keller secured an unheard of sentence in federal Court: No Jail time, No fine, and no probation or supervised release. His client was free to go with no Restrictions.           (File # 11-101)

In a 2011 Benton County gross misdemeanor DWI case resolved in 2012, Mr. Keller got the charge reduced for the client.   Due to the unreliability of urine tests in Minnesota DWI’s, Mr. Keller to the charge reduced to a misdemeanor, resulting in far lower potential jail time and fines for the client.  (File # 11-080)

Mr. Keller kept his client out of a 180 day jail sentence in a Wright County 2011 felony drug case resolved in June 2012.  Because of one prior drug case, which counted as a “prior” in the drug mandatory minimum state under Minn. Stat. Sec. 152.18 EVEN THOUGH the client had received a Stay of Adjudication on the prior case, our client was facing a mandatory minimum of 180 days in Jail.  Through a favorable plea bargain, the felony drug charge was dismissed and the client plead guilty to a non-felony charge, instead of 180 days, he served less than one-third of that in Jail. (File # 11-064)

In a 2011 Hennepin County Misdemeanor first-time DWI case, Mr. Keller obtained a favorable outcome for his client by avoiding a DWI conviction.  Even though the client was found incoherent in a stranger’s driveway and the client ultimately tested a .11 on a breath test at the police station, Mr. Keller was able to get the charge reduced to Careless Driving and no jail time.                             (file # 11-045)

In a 2011 Dakota County Felony theft by swindle case resolved in 2012 criminal defense attorney Max Keller of Keller Law Offices secured a non-felony outcome for our client.  Mr. Keller was prepared to argue a lack of probable cause at a contested hearing, but the client wanted to return home to another state to attend to his job.  So Mr. Keller arranged a sentence of time served and a No Felony conviction, so that the client could return to his home state and job with a clear mind. (File # 11-032)

In a May 2011 Ramsey County DWI case, Mr. Keller represented a young woman who had her third DWI in 5 years, all at the age of 24. Mr. Keller secured a sentence of 10 days Jail and no EHM even though sentencing guidelines call for a total of 90 days:       30 days of Jail and 60 days of house arrest (EHM).  Because Keller Law Offices helped the client get onto Ignition Interlock, she was able to resume legal driving, keep her job, and get a reduced sentence. She was very happy with the out come.  (file # 11-024).

In a 2011 Anoka County case, Mr. Keller’s client was a decorated Navy Veteran of the Vietnam war, facing a 2nd time felony Violation of an Order for Protection for sending his wife flowers! The Minnesota Felony Sentencing Guidelines called for a prison sentence of 36 months. Although his client had been appointed various public defenders before, Mr. Keller was the attorney to get his client a pyschological assessment for PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) based on his service in Vietnam. As a result of Mr. Keller’s insight and diligent work highlighting his client’s distinguished military service and resulting mental trauma, Mr. Keller convinced the prosecutor and the Judge to give his client a sentence of time served, thereby saving his client about 24 months in prison. (File # 11-004)

In a 2010 Hennepin County Case, Criminal Defense Attorney Max A. Keller’s client was charged with Possession of Child Pornography and Distribution of Child Pornography, both Internet sex crimes being felonies. Because of a previous conviction for criminal sexual conduct; the client was threatened with federal prosecution carrying a mandatory minimum sentence of at least 15 years in federal prison. Mr. Keller crafted a settlement, which avoided federal charges for his client, lessened his prison time, and allowed him to serve his time in Minnesota (10-058).

In a 2010 Hennepin County case, Keller Law Office’s client was charged with Obstruction of Legal Process of Fleeing Police on Foot. After careful legal research and explaining our client’s immigration situation as a non-citizen, Minnesota Defense Attorney Max A. Keller engineered a creative solution. Mr. Keller showed that legally his client could not have committed the crime of obstruction of legal process (OLP), which was then dismissed. Mr. Keller obtained a continuance for dismissal (meaning no conviction) on the remaining charge of Fleeing on Foot. Since he was able to preserve his immigration status as a Green Card holder, Mr. Keller’s client was very happy (Case # 10-053).

In a 2008 case heard in 2010, our client had been represented by another attorney when he plead guilty to DWI in Dakota County in 2008. After about 3 years of probation, he had fulfilled all terms of probation and had done nothing wrong in the interim. He had also obtained a valid driver’s license. In order to get a good job though, he had to get off probation. He hired Keller Law Offices to fix his problem and get his probation terminated early. After preparing and filing a Motion and an Affidavit for our client, we attended the hearing. Over the prosecutor’s objection, we were able to convince the Judge to let our client off of probation so that he could get a good job. He was very happy. (File 10-097)

In a 2010 Ramsey County case, Mr. Keller’s client faced a denial of his naturalization application for citizenship, a possible denial of green-card renewal, and possible deportation, all over a violation of a protection order which happened Nine Years earlier in 2001! Mr. Keller was able to show that under the new U.S. Supreme Court case of Padilla v. Kentucky that his client’s rights were violated. Mr. Keller convinced the Judge that his client’s right to effective assistance of counsel (right to a good attorney) was violated because the client’s 2001 attorney had never told him that by pleading guilty to violating an Order for Protection (OFP) he might lose his right to become a citizen OR even to stay in the U.S. Mr. Keller’s client had remarried after the incident with his first wife, he had two young children– one with special medical needs, he had a lot of support in the community, his ex-wife supported his Motion to Withdraw His Plea, and he had done nothing wrong in the Nine Years since 2009. As a result, Mr. Keller got his client’s guilty plea withdrawn. Then he convinced the prosecutor to dismiss the case because it was so old and his client had nothing wrong in the decade since then. The client was extremely pleased with the outcome. (10-045).

A 2010 Scott County possession of child pornography case was sentenced in 2011 and Mr. Keller’s client was hoping to keep his job as a forklift operator. Keller Law Offices secured a settlement of the case whereby the client was sentenced to less jail time than what the prosecutor wanted. In addition, Mr. Keller convinced the Judge to give his client Work Release so he could keep working while serving time in jail. The Jail, however, denied our client work release because of the nature of the offense. So, Mr. Keller went back to court and got the Judge to Order the Jail to release his client to work release during work hours. Thus, the client was able to return to work, pay his bills, and keep his house. (10-037)

In a 2010 Hennepin Co., Mr. Keller’s client was charged with a hit and run property damage accident. Unfortunately for her, SHE was actually the victim of the hit and run, but the other driver called the State Patrol and got a Trooper to ticket HER even though the State Patrol Trooper was never at the scene of the minor fender bender on the highway during rush hour. After investigation and intense negotiation, Mr. Keller convinced the prosecutor that the other driver had lied because the other driver lacked car insurance as required by law. As a result, Mr. Keller secured the dismissal of all charges against his client. (10-033)

In a 2010 Wright Co. felony theft case, Mr. Keller’s client contacted him from Jail after she had already plead guilty, been sentenced, and served most of her sentence. Because she was facing deportation to Germany as a result of her felony theft conviction, she was desperate for Immediate Help. Most attorneys in such cases would probably (correctly) say it was too late, and that nothing could be done to help her. Instead, Mr. Keller worked doggedly for his client. As a result of the recent U.S. Supreme Court case of Padilla v. Kentucky decided just one month before Mr. Keller’s client called our office, Minnesota felony criminal defense attorney Max A. Keller was able to use cutting edge law to save his client’s life in the U.S. First, he got the client’s guilty plea withdrawn based on ineffective assistance of counsel by her former lawyer based on Padilla, because the former attorney had failed to adequately and correctly inform her of the immigration consequences of a felony theft conviction. The vacation or dismissal of her guilty plea resulted in her immediate release from Immigration (ICE) custody. Then, after months of negotiations, he secured a new plea deal for the client where she was convicted of misdemeanor theft, for which there is a one-time exception in the immigration laws allowing her to avoid deportation or any immigration consequences. Thus, she had no immigration problems and was able to confidently continue her life in the United States with her husband and plan a family. (File # 10-031)
In a 2010 Dakota Co. Criminal Expungement case, Mr. Keller had previously secured the dismissal of domestic assault charges against his client, who plead guilty to disorderly conduct and thus was able to preserve his right to bear arms and possess guns, go hunting, etc. After completing probation, the client sought to clear his record by getting an expungement in order to pursue a new job. Mr. Keller was able to convince the Dakota County judge to expunge or wipe clean his client’s criminal record. In addition, a third party Data-Mining Company continued to mis-report the client’s criminal history AFTER the expungement was granted. However, after threatening litigation, Mr. Keller was able to get the private company to correct its outdated records so that his client was hired for a new job because of his NOW clean record. The client was extremely happy.

In a 2010 Minnesota DWI in Kanabec County (Mora), Mr. Keller’s client had no alcohol in his system, BUT was still charged with DWI because he had an accident when he fell asleep because of unexpected affects of some prescription drugs he had just started taking. The police also charged him with driving under the influence of a painkiller, but Keller Law Offices showed the pain killer was administered at the hospital after the police took him there for medical attention after his accident! Mr. Keller was able to get the DWI charge dismissed and got his client’s Implied Consent driver’s license rescinded or thrown out. So, the client was left with a clean record. (File # 10-009)

In a 2010 Wright County First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct case concluded in 2011, Mr. Keller’s client was charged with intra-familial sexual abuse or incest. First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct in Minnesota in the most serious level of Minnesota sex abuse and carries a presumptive sentence of 144 months (12 years) under the Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines. Mr. Keller was able to craft a settlement where his client was sentenced to about 54 months (4.5 years) less than called for under the Sentencing Guidelines. (File # 10-004)
In a Minnesota jury trial in Hennepin County January 2011, Max Keller secured a jury verdict of Not Guilty on the sole count of the Complaint, which was violating an Order for Protection (OFP). After 1 week of trial, the jury returned a Non-Guilty verdict in just 2 hours. Keller Law Offices was able to show that the Complainant or complaining witness had lied on many previous occasions and that previous bad acts supposedly committed by the client did not occur. Minnesota Criminal defense attorney Max Keller also presented several alibi witnesses on behalf of his client showing that he could not have sent the email in question which was supposed violated the OFP. Needless to say, Mr. Keller’s client was extremely happy. (File # 10-006)

In a 2010 Hennepin County case, Max Keller’s client faced the prosecutor’s wrath because the client had crashed her car into a bystander’s house. The client was still intoxicated at 11:30 a.m. from drinking the night before. Max was able to talk the prosecutor off the ledge and get the sentence reduced from 5 days to 0 days. Max also got the Hennepin County 1-Day program waived because the client was no longer living in Minnesota. The client was very happy. (File #10-10)

In a Ramsey County 2010 Minnesota Juvenile Court case, Mr. Keller’s juvenile client was charged with a serious felony of riot. There were a number of serious issues casting doubt on the State’s version of events, including a possible mis-translation of a statement made in Hmong. After presenting evidence to the prosecutor, Mr. Keller secured the dismissal of all charges. (File # 10-002)

In a case heard in Ramsey County in January 2010, Keller Law Offices secured another victory for one of our clients. The driver had committed a fourth lifetime DWI. He was charged with second degree DWI/test refusal. Attorney Max Keller, however, was able to secure a sentence of no further jail time for his client. In addition, the client got his vehicle back even though it was subject to DWI vehicle forfeiture. The client, who is eligible for a work permit if he signs up for Ignition interlock, was very pleased with the outcome. (Case # 09-063)

Attorney Max Keller of Keller Law Offices achieved another victory in Scott County on Monday January 11, 2010. Mr. Keller’s client faced a felony conviction and Jail time or imprisonment based on an allegation that he had violated probation by allegedly testing positive for meth. Mr. Keller and his client insisted that, because the result was a false positive test result based on the client’s taking Xantac for acid reflux disorder, the client should received no punishment and the probation violation should be dismissed. Mr. Keller and his client appeared in court in October for the first appearance, denied the probation violation, and set a contested hearing probation violation on January 11, 2010. Mr. Keller hired an expert forensic scientist on behalf of his client to provide expert testimony to show that the client did NOT violate probation and the “positive” test result was caused by ingesting Xantac, a legal over-the-counter medication used by people with acid reflux. On the day of the contested probation violation hearing, the probation department gave up, cancelled the probation violation, and terminated the client’s probation, leaving him with no felony probation and no additional punishment. (Case # 08-073 and 09-072)

In an August 2009 Hennepin County Expungement case, Max Keller’s client was employed for several years, in a good job with several children to support. Because of two old theft convictions suddenly revealed by a background check, his employer suddenly let him go even though he had accumulated years of good service and promotions. Officially, the client was just “suspended” pending his attempt to expunge or wipe out the convictions. After writing a detailed affidavit for our client showing his military service and how he had rehabilitated himself, and filing an Expungement Petition to which the Affidavit was attached, a hearing was held. Earlier this fall, Max Keller convinced the judge at the hearing to expunge of both of the client’s theft convictions, thereby allowing our client to get back to work and once again support his family and pay his bills. (File # 09-019)

In a 2009 hearing, Max Keller’s client was charged in Wright County with felony First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct for statutory rape. This allegation, if convicted, carries a guidelines sentence of 144 months (12 years). Mr. Keller successfully argued that the Complaint against his client was too vague, especially since, for most of the time period in the Complaint, the Complainant was not young enough to make the act illegal as charged. After a hearing was held, Max submitted a brief in support of the Motion to Dismiss the charge carrying a 12 year sentence. The trial judge agree and dismissed the charge. (File #08-063)

In a 2008 Cass County case resolved in June, 2009, Max and his client were prepared to face two trials with two different juries, one on a charge of Driving Under the Influence (no test result) and one for Test Refusal (the client blew into the Intoxilzyer 4 times, but the machine would not accept his samples). After numerous pre-trial hearings and several Motions to attempt to obtain the Source Code or software the runs the Intoxilyzer, the case was resolved favorably on the morning of trial. Max Keller’s client got a stay of adjudication, meaning no conviction, in spite of the fact that the client had 2 prior DWI’s including one less than a year before the current offense (which also resulted in a probation violation), and a partial reading of .16 or twice the legal limit on the Intoxilyzer, and a .24 reading from a Preliminary Breath Test (PBT). (File # 08-040)

In 2009 Hennepin County case Max got a 1st time DWI at a .14 alcohol concentration reduced to careless driving offense, due to his client’s service overseas in the military, so the DWI charge was dismissed! (File #08-070)

In a 2009 Ramsey County case, Max’s client was charged with a gross misdemeanor 2nd degree DWI for blowing .20 or more. Because of his one prior DWI, the client’s car was forfeited. Max got the charge reduced to a 3rd degree DWI and the higher 2nd degree DWI was dismissed. As a result, the client got his car returned to him at no charge. (File # 09-003)

In a 2008 Scott County case, Max’s client was charged with a 3rd time DWI and it was her 2nd offense within 10 years. Max successfully engineered a Stay of Adjudication in her case, so that she had NO Conviction for DWI and NO revocation of her DL. (File # 08-002)

In a 2008 Hennepin County case, Max Keller represented a driver charged with a DWI based on a .12 breath test. Max was able to get the DWI dismissed and the implied consent revocation was rescinded or thrown off his client’s record, leaving no traces of the DWI. (File # 08-010)

In a 2007 Itasca County case resolved in 2008, Max’s client was charged with his 6th DWI and tested .20, making it a more serious offense, and the owner of the car (the client’s girlfriend) had it forfeited. Max won the dismissal of all DWI charges based on the State’s inability to produce the Intoxilyzer Source Code or software, the client served no time in Jail in spite of driving on a cancelled license and being cancelled as Inimical to Public Safety, and the vehicle was returned to the owner at no charge. (File # 07-173)

In 2008 Scott County Drug Possession and vehicle forfeiture cases, Max secured a sentence of no jail for his client, in spite of the fact that the client had multiple prior felony convictions for drug possession. In the companion vehicle forfeiture case, the prosecutor from the County Attorney’s Office demanded $6000 to return the vehicle to the defendant’s wife, who was a co-owner of the vehicle along with client. Ultimately, Max convinced the prosecutor to return the vehicle to his client’s wife with the client and wife paying nothing! (File #08-016)

In a 2007 Anoka County case, a client was charged with his second DWI in three years. Max won his client’s implied consent Driver’s License revocation case because, among other things, the police read the wrong form to his client. The result was that his client got his driver’s license back; his license plates back, and all DWI charges were dismissed in the criminal case. (File # 06-763)

In a 2007 Martin County case, Max won his argument to throw out the test result of this client charged with his third DWI. Max convinced the judge that his client’s pre-test right to counsel was violated, leaving to the vehicle forfeiture being cancelled and the vehicle returned to the owner, and a gross misdemeanor 2nd degree DWI with a mandatory minimum jail sentence of 90 days was dismissed. In addition, a different judge ruled against Max’s client on the same facts in the license revocation Implied Consent hearing where Max was contesting a one-year revocation of his client’s driver’s license, as well as the cancellation of his license as Inimical to Public Safety. When Max appealed the adverse ruling on the driver’s license case, he won and his client’s license was restored. (File # 07-142)

In a Sherburne County case in 2007, Max got his client’s DWI dismissed in favor of a plea to a reduced charge of careless driving; Max then went on to win the implied consent driver’s license revocation hearing, meaning that his client had no revocation of his driver’s license and no conviction for DWI. (File # 07-122)

In a Washington County case, Max represented a driver charged with second degree DWI Refusal (refusal with one prior in 10 years), who also had his vehicle forfeited as a result. On the day of trial, Max arranged a very favorable deal for his client whereby the Driver got a Stay of Adjudication (meaning no conviction) and his vehicle was returned to him. (File # 06-750)

In a Hennepin County case, Max’s client was charged with DWI and a felony (felon in possession of a firearm) carrying a mandatory minimum sentence of Five Years (60 months). The prosecutor wanted the 60-month sentence. The Judge said she would sentence the client to 36 months. Max successfully engineered a sentence of time served, which was about 45 days, rather than the mandatory minimum of 5 years. (File # 06-703)

Max’s client faced a 5th lifetime DWI in a Ramsey County Case. Max successfully engineered a sentence of no jail time in favor of electronic home monitory (a.k.a. house arrest) with work release. (File # 04-0383)

In a Martin County case, Max won a jury trial acquittal where his client was charged with Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana, even though Marijuana was found in the vehicle and in his bloodstream, because there was no evidence that the client smoked marijuana on the day the police stopped him. (K9-03-77)

In a Jackson County case, Max got his client’s Underage Drinking and Driving charge dismissed when Max convinced the Judge to throw out or “suppress” his client’s statement that the client had driven to school, because the school police failed to advise the student/client of his Miranda right to remain silent. After the client’s statement was tossed out, there was no evidence indicating that the client drove to school that day; therefore the Underage Drinking & Driving charge had to be dismissed. (File # 04-0117)

In a Faribault County case where his client was charged with Driving Under the Influence of Meth. Max got all the DWI charges dismissed when the Judge agreed with Max’s arguments that the police lacked probable cause to demand a blood test from his client. (File # 03-0043

Every court case is highly fact-dependent, so the results of the Success Stories above are not necessarily predictive of the outcome of your case. The outcome of each case depends on a variety of factors, some of which are largely out of our control, such as the judge and prosecutor assigned to your case, whether they are having a good or bad day, and how busy the calendar is. Past success is not a guarantee of future results.

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