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Treasurer for youth sports accused of theft by swindle

Hearing about someone being charged with embezzlement or theft by swindle automatically brings to mind someone shamelessly stealing from an employer or some kind of volunteer organization; using his or her inside knowledge to take a little off the top. What many people in Minneapolis may not realize, however, is that managing the finances for a business or an organization can be incredibly difficult and the tiniest of mistakes could lead to very serious criminal charges.

A Lino Lakes man has been charged with theft by swindle and theft after he allegedly stole from the Circle Pines-based Centennial Youth Lacrosse Association. The 44 year old could spend up to 30 years total in prison if he is convicted of both federal crimes. He denies his involvement in the apparent theft and it appears that he may be facing criminal charges for an innocent mistake.

The man had served as the treasurer for the lacrosse group and has been accused of writing himself 25 checks over the span of two years. In at least one of the situations, it appears that he issued himself a check because he had paid dues on his credit card. Although the organization to which he was apparently paying dues has said that they do not accept credit card payments, it is always possible that they have made exceptions in the past.

Should the man be able to clear his name, he will also need to work at ensuring his reputation is intact following these theft charges. To learn that someone had previously been charged with a crime like embezzlement or theft by swindle may cause problems in trying to find work or being involved in organizations like a sports league in the future.

Source: CBS Minnesota, “Youth Lacrosse Assoc. Treasurer Accused Of Swindling Over $35K,” Feb. 26, 2013

Being charged with embezzlement or theft by swindle comes with more than just the threat of a criminal sentence; it also comes with suspicion because employers will assume a defendant stole from an employer. Find out more about how to defend against this breach of trust by visiting our website.

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