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When you face criminal charges, you face the possibility of harsh sentencing. Fines may be hefty, and jail time, loss of driving privileges, and a criminal record can alter your life for many months or years to come. Criminal proceedings begin shortly after arrest and the prosecution starts collecting evidence immediately, making it all the more important to hire a skilled criminal defense attorney as soon as possible so that you can launch your criminal defense strategy and protect your rights. If you have been charged with a criminal offense, contact Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer Max A. Keller at (952) 260-7533 to get the criminal defense representation you need.

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"I highly recommend contacting Max Keller if you find yourself in need of criminal defense. Max helped me to be found not guilty of a probation violation. That almost never happens. Max was in constant communication, had excellent strategy, and worked tirelessly in helping with my case. If you want someone who will be in your corner contact Max Keller. "
Chris H
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Max A. Keller Named a “Super Lawyer” by Minnesota Lawyer

As a former Assistant Attorney General, Minnesota criminal lawyer Max. A Keller has experience on both sides of the fence and has handled thousands of criminal cases throughout Minnesota. Max A. Keller also has considerable experience handling appellate cases for criminal convictions, having worked under numerous judges in the Minnesota Court of Appeals.

Max Keller has testified before the MN Supreme Court and Legislature several times about criminal justice issues.

Because of our comprehensive knowledge of federal and Minnesota criminal law, as well as our considerable experience handling thousands of criminal cases, we are well equipped to provide highly effective representation aimed at reducing or eliminating your charges, fines, jail time, and loss of driving privileges.

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Minneapolis criminal defense attorney Max A. Keller focuses on protecting the legal rights of those accused of committing a crime, including DWI (driving while intoxicated) charges, drug crimes, sex crimes, white collar crimes, and traffic violations. He understands the importance of a prompt and strong legal defense, and is not afraid to aggressively defend his clients at trial.

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