Reaching a Plea Bargain in a Criminal Case

97% of federal criminal cases and a similar number of state cases are resolved via a plea bargain. In Minnesota, it's estimated that 90% of criminal cases are resolved via a plea bargain agreement. This means that the vast majority of criminal cases are not decided by a judge or jury. Pleading Guilty, Nolo Contendere, or Entering an Alford Plea Prior to plea bargaining a case in Minnesota, prosecutor's require the defendant to enter either a guilty plea admitting their responsibility for the … [Read more...]

Expungement Of Theft Case Granted For Keller Law Offices Client

Lexie Stein of Keller Law Offices received an order today from a judge granting a petition for expungement on a theft case for her client. The Client was charged with theft from 2004 which affected his ability to get a good job. Back in 2004, upon completed a diversion program, the charges were eventually dismissed after the probationary period was completed. However, the theft charge kept appearing on background checks when he applied for jobs and was embarrassing for him. This prohibited him … [Read more...]

Motions For New Trial After A Guilty Verdict

A person convicted after a trial can make a motion for a new trial under Minnesota Rules of Criminal Procedure 26.04. Once the motion is filed the court must have a hearing within 30 days of the guilty verdict. Under the statute the motion for a new trial is based on several factors including: if required in the interests of justice, irregularity in the proceedings of the court, jury or on part of the prosecution, or any order or abuse of discretion, whereby the defendant was deprived of a fair … [Read more...]

What To Know About Sentencing Guidelines In Minnesota

At the time of sentencing, either the defendant plead guilty or was found guilty at trial. The sentencing is when the judge determines what your sentence/outcome will be. Typically whether jail or prison time will served or whether there will be a dispositional or durational departure. At the time of sentencing, a defense attorney should file a sentencing brief outlining the reasons for the departure. A downward dispositional departure means that the judge will consider whether to stay the … [Read more...]

Understanding Minneapolis Charges in Fatal Drunk Driving Crashes

The Minnesota DWI Statistics DWI are extremely serious criminal charges in Minnesota. The state does not provide a statutory provision on whether reckless plea bargains can be accepted, but a DWI attorney can create the bargain for an offender. In 2015, over 25, 000 drivers were reportedly arrested for drunk driving. Half the number of those arrested was termed as first-time offenders, meaning they had no DWI occurrences within the past ten years. According to Minnesota laws, a DWI/DUI is the … [Read more...]

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