When someone is convicted of a DWI, whether through a guilty plea or after a trial, the individual is placed on probation. For misdemeanor DWIs, the probationary period is one to two years. For gross misdemeanor DWIs, the probationary period is generally two to six years.
Most drivers take the privilege to drive for granted. It is only after a driver’s license has been canceled that they realize how integral the ability to drive is to the day-to-day tasks of life. If your driver’s license has been canceled due to a DWI offense, talk to Keller Law Offices. We can help you go onto ignition interlock and obtain a B-card license that allows you to drive with restrictions, as well as explore other options for maintaining your driving privileges.
You may be surprised to know that DUI and DWI laws apply not only to motor vehicles and to those on the marked public roads, but also to boats, snowmobiles and ATVs as well as the waters, trails and snow/ice.
The ex-convict label stays with you forever, regardless of whether your charges were later dropped, dismissed, or even acquitted. That information is freely available to potential mates, property owners, and schools. It is also a legal requirement for ex-convicts to disclose this information to the public. 
Prostitution solicitation is sometimes a felony-level offense. An example is when a defendant is accused of solicitation of a minor – a person below 18 years of age. The severity of the penalties increases as the age of the solicited child reduces.
Working with a felony defense lawyer in Minneapolis can also influence the outcome of your case. The lawyer can determine the best defense strategy to get your murder charges reduced or dismissed. Remember, a murder charge or conviction carries lifelong consequences for you and your family. You risk losing your right to vote or possess a firearm, as well as getting your professional license suspended or revoked. You might also struggle to earn a living, as many employers are reluctant to hire employees with felony convictions in their criminal history.