Category: Expungement

Minnesota recently passed a public safety bill that brings sweeping changes to the state’s juvenile justice system. While minors sometimes run afoul of the law, the juvenile justice system seeks to account for the differences between children and adults. Therefore, while the penalties for adults convicted of crimes focus on punishment, those for juveniles are aimed at diversion and restorative practices.
When convicted of a criminal offense, the court will have your criminal record. The record usually consists of your past convictions. In Minnesota, arrest records are part of a criminal record. However, you can have the record expunged. Petty misdemeanor, traffic, and criminal cases fall under Minnesota's judicial branch. As such, your driving records will form part of your criminal records, regardless of the nature of the traffic offense.
A lot of people make mistakes when they are teenagers. Some of these mistakes may even lead to criminal charges for juveniles. While it might seem like a minor issue at the time, a conviction in one of these matters could lead to life-long complications. A recent Minnesota Supreme Court case highlights the problems that have resulted due to having a criminal record as a juvenile.