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DWI Lawyers Defending Clients in Minneapolis St. Paul Area

A DWI charge – whether a first offense or a repeat offense – can be scary and confusing. Penalties may be severe with long-lasting effects. Accordingly, it is important that you not take a DWI charge lightly – it is not the time to simply let the legal process “take its course” or to hire an inexperienced lawyer. It is the time to hire an experienced Minnesota DWI lawyer with the legal skill, knowledge and track record of success that your case requires.

Because DWI charges can result in serious and lifelong consequences, they should not be taken lightly. A DWI (driving while intoxicated) conviction could result in hefty fines, jail time, and the loss of driving privileges. A DWI charge alone can seriously damage your reputation and livelihood.

Accordingly, it is important to consult with an experienced Minnesota DWI attorney in order to protect your rights, learn your legal options, and minimize potential penalties. Twin Cities DWI law firm of Keller Law Offices focuses on helping clients who are facing DWI charges, whether a first offense or a repeat offense. We will educate you on your legal options, calm your worries, and build the strongest defense possible in order to minimize potential penalties.

The Twin Cities DWI lawyers at Keller Law Offices have been handling DWI cases since 1997. Max A. Keller’s experience as a former prosecutor makes him highly familiar with the Minnesota criminal justice system. He puts his legal skill and experience to work to protect your rights and fight to minimize or eliminate potential penalties.

Minimize or Eliminate DWI Penalties

A DWI conviction comes with serious penalties that could affect you for years to come. Minnesota DWI first offense could cost you more than $700 for your driver’s license reinstatement, and your auto insurance rates could triple. Moreover, a driver’s license revocation could stay on your driving record permanently, even if you are found not guilty of the charges, which could be used against you by police, prosecutors, and even insurance companies.

With each subsequent DWI charge, the potential penalties also increase. Multiple drunk driving arrests could land you in jail, place your job in jeopardy, and even result in felony charges.

Comprehensive DWI Defense

At Keller Law Offices, our Twin Cities DWI lawyers assist clients who have been charged with a DWI, whether a first offense or a repeat offense. Because we are familiar with various DWI defenses, we can provide a comprehensive legal assessment to determine the appropriate legal strategy to get your DWI charges dropped or reduced.

We pride ourselves on keeping our clients informed of their legal rights and the progress of their case. Accordingly, we provide a number of helping DWI informational resources to clients and potential clients, regarding the following:

Minnesota DWI Penalties

If you have been charged with a Minnesota DWI, the potential penalties can be harsh and severe, with a long-lasting impact on your life. For a first DWI offense, you could face the following penalties:

  • 90 days in jail and/or $1,000 fine if BAC was under .16
  • One year in jail and/or $3,000 fine if BAC .16 or higher
  • Loss of driving privileges for 90 days, or up to one year if a child was in the car or BAC was more than .16
  • Vehicle forfeiture

A second DWI offense could result in the above-listed penalties, as well as a one-year suspension of driving privileges or a vehicle interlock system. A third DWI offense could result in one year of jail time, a $3,000 fine, and vehicle forfeiture.

St. Paul Repeat DUI Offense Lawyer

If you are convicted of DWI for a fourth time within 10 years of three other DWI convictions and/or implied consent DWI driver’s license revocations, it is a felony. If you cause an accident due to drunk driving, it is a felony (criminal vehicular operation) if another person is seriously injured. Other punishments include: up to 7 years in prison, $14,000 fine, vehicle forfeiture, cancellation of drivers’ license, a conditional release period and the loss of the right to vote and bear arms.

The consequences of a felony can be extremely detrimental to your rights, freedom and future. Keller Law Offices has more than 16 years of experience protecting the rights, freedoms and futures of clients throughout the Twin Cities metro area and the state of Minnesota. Attorney Max A. Keller is skilled in arguing for reduced sentencing. He has a long record of successfully obtaining sentences, which are well below the minimum mandatory requirements.

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