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A DWI or DUI conviction is costly and could haunt you for many years to come. Your vehicle insurance rates may triple. Minnesota charges more than $700 for driver’s license reinstatement. Your driver’s license revocation could stay on your driving record permanently, even if you are found not guilty of the charges. This can be used against you by police, prosecutors and even insurance companies.

If you are facing your first or second DWI offense, these consequences probably seem very confusing, frightening and uncertain. Keller Criminal Defense Attorneys provides the legal help you need and deserve at this time. We can build the strongest defense possible on your behalf, calm your worries and minimize the penalties.

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Misdemeanor and Gross Misdemeanor Defense

Even if this is your first offense, you can be charged with a gross misdemeanor if your alcohol content (BAC) is .20 or above, or if you refuse testing. As a St. Paul DUI misdemeanor attorney, Max A. Keller can successfully argue your case down to a misdemeanor.

Max A. Keller has successfully fought to prove innocence, procedural error, lack of evidence and other factors resulting in reduced or dismissed charges for many Minnesotans.

He is a former prosecutor and since 1997 has been a criminal defense attorney protecting clients’ rights and helping them avoid first DWI penalties such as:

  • Up to one year in jail
  • Up to $3,000 in fines
  • Fees for county surcharges and law library fees
  • Up to one year of driver’s license revocation
  • Up to six years of probation
  • Alcohol education class
  • Sentenced to service work or community service

Our law firm has full command of the various DWI defenses available. Additionally, we can get your driver’s license reinstated while your case is pending in Ramsey County, or Hennepin County, or certain other counties depending on the circumstances, helping you avoid job loss and license revocation.

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St. Paul DUI Repeat Offender Lawyer

As the number of DWI offenses goes up, so do the penalties. Multiple drunk driving arrests can land you in jail, place your job in jeopardy and result in the loss of many freedoms. If you have been charged with or arrested for a second, third or fourth DWI/DUI offense, talk to Keller Criminal Defense Attorneys. We have been protecting the rights of Minnesotans who are facing the serious consequences of drunk driving since 1997.

Penalties for DWI Second and Subsequent Offenses

If you have been charged with your second, third or fourth DUI or DWI, you face penalties such as:

  • For a second offense occurring within 10 years of a previous violation, there is a 30-day mandatory minimum jail term, a maximum fine of $3,000 and a mandatory minimum one-year revocation of your license (two years if you test .16 or more). Any second offense DWI is a gross misdemeanor that can result in vehicle forfeiture.
  • For a third offense occurring within 10 years of a previous violation, there is a 90-day mandatory minimum jail term, a maximum fine of $3,000, and mandatory minimum two-year revocation of your license and vehicle forfeiture.
  • A fourth conviction within 10 years of three other convictions is a felony DWI and can bring fines of $14,000, mandatory jail term of 180 days, a possible seven years in prison and vehicle forfeiture.

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