Category: Felonies

The ex-convict label stays with you forever, regardless of whether your charges were later dropped, dismissed, or even acquitted. That information is freely available to potential mates, property owners, and schools. It is also a legal requirement for ex-convicts to disclose this information to the public. 
The answer to the question, “Is forgery a felony?” is yes. It carries significant penalties, including lengthy prison sentences and hefty fines in Minnesota.
Possession of more than one dosage unit of Xanax is a felony. Trying to get these drugs through deceitful tactics, including impersonating a medical practitioner, pharmacist, or manufacturer, can elevate the severity of your crime.
In Minnesota, DUI and DWI are the same offenses, carrying either a misdemeanor or felony charge. In this state, drivers caught with blood alcohol content (BAC) exceeding the state’s limit of 0.08 are guilty of DUI or DWI.
There are many benefits for employers that hire candidates with criminal records. From qualifying for tax credits and other government incentives to helping someone with prior convictions get a fresh start, hiring people with criminal histories can benefit local families, companies, and entire communities.
Former offenders often find it hard to get employment or housing in Minnesota due to discrimination. Fortunately, several community organizations in the state are committed to helping felons reintegrate into society by enabling them to develop employable skills, obtain gainful employment, and secure housing.