Category: Sex Crimes

Soliciting is the act of entreating, commanding, or trying to persuade someone by letter, phone, or a computerized device or in person. It can happen electronically when an adult uses a device that stores or transmits electronic data. Solicitation qualifies as a sex crime if the intent is to arouse sexual desire in someone. 
Prostitution solicitation is sometimes a felony-level offense. An example is when a defendant is accused of solicitation of a minor – a person below 18 years of age. The severity of the penalties increases as the age of the solicited child reduces.
Getting accused of solicitation of prostitution in Minnesota can lead to serious criminal charges. A conviction can result in harsh penalties, such as significant prison time, hefty fines, and sex offender registration.
Recent changes in Minnesota law have led people to ask, "What is the statute of limitations on rape charges in Minneapolis?" There is no statute of limitations on rape charges in Minnesota.