22-Year-Old Arrested for Fifth Alleged DWI Violation in Lakeville

Lakeville police arrested Burnsville, Minnesota man on suspicion of drunk driving. The same man reportedly was arrested on felony DWI charges in late June after allegedly speeding in Eagan. The man reported was out on bond in the prior DWI case when officers claim that he 22-year-old sped out of the Valley Lake Park parking lot November 3.

Officers claim that the young man committed a second alleged traffic offense before being pulled over. Lakeville Police claim the driver slammed on his brakes in the traffic stop and jumped from the vehicle. From there, police claim that the driver fled on foot.

Generally, fleeing on foot is a misdemeanor offense in Minnesota. Allegations of fleeing police in a motor vehicle can bring felony-level charges. There does not appear to be any allegations that the driver tried to elude police, as a news report in Lakeville patch indicates that the man is facing a misdemeanor fleeing charge.

However, the 22-year-old is facing several other legal battles. Officers claim that when they found the man on top of a garage at a nearby townhouse complex near the site of the traffic stop, he displayed signs of impairment. Authorities accuse the man of DWI. Because Dakota County officials say that this is the fifth DWI arrest for the 22-yeaar-old, he is now facing another set of felony-level DWI charges.

The man also reported is out on bond in the previous DWI case from June, complicating matters for him. The man has been released on bond in the current case with an omnibus hearing scheduled for February 4 in Hastings, Minnesota.

Source: Lakeville Patch, “Lakeville Police Arrest Man on Fifth DUI-Related Charge,” Betsy Sundquist, Nov. 14, 2012

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