Child reports his mom’s drunk driving to St. Paul school

Drunk driving is about more than criminal charges. There is usually a family behind the DWI defendant, whose safety and future depends on their loved one’s actions and consequences. A recent St. Paul incident exemplifies that truth.

The Star Tribune recently reported a story about two young kids and their 44-year-old mother. The mother faces two charges: second-degree DWI and driving with an alcohol level of 0.08 or higher. What’s interesting and tragic about this case, is that her child was part of the reason why she’s been charged.

According to sources, the drunk driving defendant was driving to pick her daughter up from a school camp, with her 8-year-old son as a passenger. When her son got out of the car upon arrival to the school, he didn’t just go inside to find his sister. Instead, he headed to the principal’s office and reportedly told the principal that something was wrong with his mom.

The principal went outside and took the mother’s keys, and authorities arrived soon after the school heard about the boy’s concerns. Allegedly, the mother’s blood alcohol level measured in at 0.30, significantly above the legal limit of 0.08.

She has never been charged with a DWI before, though in this incident, she has admitted to drinking vodka before getting behind the wheel. Fortunately, no accident resulted from her first-time DWI and her son wasn’t injured.

We will post an update as this case progresses through the system.


Star Tribune: “Son, 8, turns in tipsy mother,” Chao Xiong, 28 Jun. 2011

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