Domestic violence charges follow water pistol fight

Most of us in Minneapolis remember playing with water pistols during warm Minnesota summers. Sometimes, we would meet up with friends or siblings and play until we were all soaked; some of us also remember sneaking up on unsuspecting friends and spraying them with water just to see how mad they would get. Of course, that was all fun and games, but one woman is now facing domestic violence charges for doing much the same thing. Granted, the charges do not stem from a Minnesota incident, but they go to show just what happens when police respond to a call of suspected domestic violence.

The woman who has been charged with simple battery and domestic violence is only 19 years old. According to police reports, the young woman became upset with her boyfriend because of something he had said. She then dumped some water on him and squirted hm, neither of which injured him. After police arrived, however, she was arrested for being “the primary aggressor.”

Who knows if the young woman’s boyfriend even wanted to press charges, but the matter is now likely out of his hands. In Minnesota at least, police and prosecutors may continue with a case even if the supposed victim says he or she does not want to press charges. Once police are involved, it is largely outside of anyone’s control.

For this young woman, the possiblity that she will be put in jail, fined or forced to stay away from her boyfriend may seem ridiculous, especially in light of the fact that all she did was spray him with water. Sadly, she and her criminal defense lawyer will need to come up with a defense, as prosecutors and police seem intent on charging her.

Source: International Business Times, “Giovanna Borge, Florida Woman, Arrested For Allegedly Squirting Boyfriend With Water Gun,” Howard Koplowitz, Oct. 18, 2013

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