Minnesota DWI caused by One Too Many Clean Pint?

A Minnesota DWI could result from too many clean glasses: Today’s article on the Star Tribune about Clean Beer Glasses explains how beer experts have started a new Twitter campaign to post pictures of empty pint glasses of beer with only suds remaining.  If  you had one too many pints at your local watering hole and got tagged with a Minnesota DUI, then you need serious help now!

Driving while impaired can result in lengthy mandatory minimum jail sentences, vehicle forfeiture, loss of driver’s license for a year or more even for a first offense, mandatory ignition Interlock for at least one year (costing over $1000), loss of license plates, loss of job, mandatory mimimum fines, mandatory alcohol or chemical dependency treatment, and lenghty probation periods.  In addition, if you lose your license, of course, you may lose your job as a result. 

Keller Criminal Defense Attorneys has won many Minnesota impaired driving vehicle forfeiture cases,  license plate impoundment cases, Minnesota driving while impaired jury trials, Minnesota  implied consent driver’ license revocation hearings, and DUI suppression of evidence hearings.  You don’t want a rookie protecting your rights and fighting for you in court, SO hire an expert today.  Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney Max A. Keller of Keller Criminal Defense Attorneys has been practicing law for about 15 years and has successfully handled many Minnesota drunk driving cases including DWI of alcohol, meth, prescription drugs, and Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana.  Visit a Minnesota DWI web site today to protect your rights and your freedom and stay out of Jail.

He has won jury trial cases in misdemeanor and felony cases and in DWI’s and non-DWI’s. He is a member of the Minnesota Society for Criminal Justice, which only allows the top 50 criminal defense attorneys in the state as members. He is a frequent speaker at CLE’s and is often asked for advice by other defense attorneys across Minnesota.

What to Do If You Have Been Charged with a Criminal Offense

Minnesota’s new marijuana law legalizes marijuana for recreational purposes for adults 21 years or older. The new law makes it unlawful for employers to take action against their employees for off-duty cannabis use. It also prohibits them from refusing to hire an applicant who tests positive for cannabis or requiring applicants to take pre-employment cannabis testing.
Is weed legal in Minnesota? Currently, weed is legal for medical and recreational use in the state. A new Minnesota law legalized weed for recreational use on August 1, 2023. Persons aged 21-years or older may possess or carry a maximum of two ounces of marijuana flower in public.
People arrested or accused of possessing cocaine might ask, “how much coke is a felony?” Possessing controlled substances like cocaine is a felony in Minneapolis, MN. If found with 0 to 3 grams of coke, the crime will be treated as a fifth-degree felony, attracting penalties like $10,000 fines and up to 5 years in jail.