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Domestic Violence Attorneys

Domestic violence charges or violating an order for protection can lead to serious legal consequences. Multiple convictions can lead to increasing jail time, ranging from 90 days to a year, and fines ranging from $1,000 to $3,000. Convictions can also lead to the loss of the right to carry a firearm, which in turn can prevent the accused from hunting. They can also cost the accused his or her career in law enforcement, the military, security services or any profession that requires carrying a firearm.

Options can be limited. If the alleged victim filing the charges has a change of heart, he or she lacks the right to withdraw charges. Instead, once police are involved, the matter is largely in the hands of the legal process, and the courts will attempt to convict the accused on the original charge.

If you face charges of assault, domestic violence or spousal abuse, or charges of violating an order for protection, or have received a harassment restraining order, contact the criminal defense law firm of Max A. Keller, Attorney at Law. We have successfully defended many people in the Twin Cities and other areas of Minnesota who are accused of these crimes.

Experienced and Skilled with Domestic Abuse Legal Defense.

Lawyer Max Keller can aggressively fight your domestic violence and related charges whether you know the accuser, live with him or her or have never met him or her. We can question police procedures, question the reliability of the accuser and witnesses and, if necessary, argue for leniency based on clean records, the opinion of the victim, lack of significant injuries and the effects of a lengthy incarceration or substantial fines on minor children. We can also counsel you on the advisability of pleading guilty to a minor charge, like disorderly conduct, which carries a much lighter sentence.

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