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Embezzlement Defense Lawyer

Embezzlement involves theft from an employer or by someone managing someone else’s money. It involves a breach of trust.

But sometimes embezzlement charges are not so black and white. There can be shades of gray, with fact-based questions about whether someone really intended to misappropriate property.

Don’t Wait to Start Your Defense Until After an Arrest

Many people think of an accountant caught cooking the books as an example of embezzlement. There are many possible types of conduct that can give rise to embezzlement charges, however. It can involve forgery, because it involves concealment and often the alteration of documents. It can also be connected to other white-collar crimes, even large-scale fraud.

If you’ve been charged with embezzlement, or think you are under investigation, talk with experienced Minneapolis embezzlement and criminal defense attorney Max A. Keller in a confidential consultation. Mr. Keller has defended embezzlement cases in both state court and federal court.

It’s important to get an aggressive defense attorney on your side right away to gather the evidence needed to negotiate with the prosecution for dismissed or reduced charges. Our law firm provides experienced defense against embezzlement allegations and has achieved acquittal, dismissal of charges or a reduced sentence for numerous individuals throughout Minnesota.

Aggressive Defense Against Charges of Theft from an Employer

At the law firm of Max A. Keller, Attorney at Law, you can count on getting strong defense representation from an experienced Minneapolis embezzlement attorney. Mr. Keller is a former prosecutor who, since becoming a criminal defense lawyer, has defended hundreds of clients against criminal charges. Contact us today to learn more about how he can help you build your defense in state or federal court. Mr. Keller represents clients across Minnesota, from Duluth to the Twin Cities and Rochester, and has extensive experience handling all aspects of criminal law.

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