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Medical & Professional License Defense Attorneys

Defending Your Future Before State Licensing Boards

Keller Law Offices in St. Paul and Minneapolis provide strategic legal counsel for medical professionals before Minnesota licensing boards. We can help with board complaints involving unprofessional conduct, substance abuse issues, sexual misconduct, and allegations of patient/client abuse. We also handle cases involving criminal arrests and convictions, insurance fraud investigations, and others.

When you’re facing professional licensing issues in Minnesota, your career and your future may be at stake. You do not have to go through this nightmare alone.

The sooner we get involved in your case, the better our chances of achieving a favorable outcome. Call Keller Law Offices today for a free case evaluation. 952-913-1421.

Minimizing Collateral Damage for Minnesota’s Licensed Professionals

You worked hard to obtain your professional license and, in Minnesota, retaining your license is a property right that cannot be taken away by state licensing boards without due process. When the board receives a complaint or you are charged with certain crimes, the collateral damage from a single adverse decision can destroy your future.

If your professional licensing issues are not properly handled:

  • Your malpractice insurance can be negatively impacted.
  • The allegations and the Board’s decision could be posted in national registries for the public to see.
  • Your reputation could be irreversibly tarnished and your patient load significantly decreased.
  • Your right to practice medicine could be conditional, restricted, or even removed.

In essence, your livelihood is on the line.

Our firm can minimize the collateral damage that often results from state licensure board complaints. We will walk you through responses to the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice, guide you through the investigations, and represent you in hearings. In many cases, we can help you get your charges dismissed or informally resolved.  When an informal resolution cannot be obtained, we will defend your license as your case proceeds through medical board conferences, trials, and appeals., if necessary.

When More than Your License Is at Stake, We Can Help

Oftentimes, Minnesota Board of Medical Practice investigations and criminal charges go hand in hand. It only makes sense, then, that you’re represented by a law firm with experience handling criminal cases as well as administrative matters. Keller Law Offices has been defending professionals against criminal charges in Minnesota since 2004.

When you’re facing insurance fraud allegations, DWI charges, criminal sexual misconduct allegations, or accusations of patient or client abuse, there is more at stake than just your professional license and your career.

  • Your family’s financial stability, your criminal record, and even your freedom may be on the line.
  • Even convictions for seemingly minor crimes could result in jail time, monetary fines, and disciplinary action from the board.
  • A conviction for a serious crime like felony DWI, patient abuse, or criminal sexual misconduct, however, can mean tens of thousands of dollars in fines, rejection from your peers, 10, 20, or even 30 years of your life spent behind bars, and a future that is bleak.

Whether you’ve been wrongfully accused of a crime or you’re dealing with criminal charges because of an uncharacteristic mistake like a DWI, we can help. We have the experience, skill, and resources to keep you out of jail and help you retain your right to practice in your field.

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