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Professional License Defense Lawyer

Do you have a Professional License that is at stake because of allegations of misconduct? When you first get a complaint against you, you will need an attorney to respond to the government licensing authority or Board (for example, the Nursing Board) to refute the allegations against you. After responding in writing to the appropriate board, it may be necessary to have a conference with the Board in question to discuss the allegations.

At the conference, it will be your time to contest the claims against you. Having an attorney with you is important to ensure that you are prepared for questioning. It is also essential to answer the allegations in writing in a concise and effective way. There are many different type of scenarios that may lead to an allegation against you. Allegations may include things like substance abuse, neglect, inappropriate billing, conflict of interests, and injury. An assistant attorney general is also typically at the hearing and represents the board or the complaint committee. Having an attorney on your side will put you on an even playing field against the opposing party. Getting your professional license or occupational taken away may lead to loss of income and livelihood. Do not represent yourself.

Depending on the charge, it is also possible that a criminal charge may also be brought against you. Whether it’s your professional license that’s at stake or a criminal charge is pending against you, or BOTH, the attorneys at Keller Law Offices are here for you. The attorneys will explain the process in simple terminology and will spend as long as you need with them. The attorneys will not judge you and will make you feel more at ease with the situation. We will zealously advocate for you. We will fight hard to preserve your livelihood and income. Keller Law Offices handles cases involving professional licensing such as: A Nursing License, a Medical License (M.D.), a Psychology License, a Social Work or Social Worker License (LSW), a Pharmacy License and a Foster Care license or Daycare license. Keller Law Offices can help you from the beginning of your case before any government authority has even tried to revoke or suspend your occupational or professional license.

At Keller Law Offices, you can be sure that the attorneys will fully represent you. You will need an experienced Minneapolis professional licensing attorney on your side. Mr. Keller is a former prosecutor who, since becoming a criminal defense lawyer, has defended thousands of clients against criminal charges, including, police, teachers, nurses, doctors, etc. Contact Keller Law Offices today to learn more about how we can help you keep your professional license. If there are allegations against you, your earning ability and job may be at stake. Mr. Keller represents clients throughout Minnesota and has extensive experience refuting claims against individuals’ professional licenses.

You can reach an experienced Minneapolis professional licensing lawyer at 952-913-1421. We accept credit cards and offer free initial consultations. We are available 24 hours a day and always answer the phone. Call Keller Law Offices today. Getting a complaint against you can be frightening. A professional licensing attorney like Max A. Keller or Lexie D. Stein can help make the process less stressful and can help you navigate “the system.” The criminal defense attorneys can make sure that the board knows your side of the story. Call now for help.

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