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Medical & Professional License Defense Attorneys

Protecting Medical Professionals Throughout Minnesota

Professional license defense lawyer Max Keller helps doctors, nurses, dentists, and other medical professionals obtain, maintain, and defend their license to practice in Minnesota.

When you have a complaint filed against you, the threat of losing your ability to practice as a healthcare professional is real. Your licensing board, the state, or federal government will perform investigations that may result in disciplinary actions that could include the suspension or even revocation of your professional license.

Our license defense team will respond to the government licensing authority on your behalf to protect your reputation, preserve your good standing in the Minnesota medical community, and keep your professional license intact.

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Are You Facing the Revocation or Suspension of Your Professional License? 

The suspension or revocation of your professional license will rarely happen without warning. In many cases, the loss of your medical license will begin with an incident that seems minor or routine. You might be audited, for instance, or receive a letter in the mail requesting more information about someone else’s conduct. As the investigation proceeds, however, you may become the focus and your professional license could suddenly be in danger.

In other cases, professionals like you face the loss of their license when allegations of substance abuse, medical malpractice, or insurance fraud surface. Criminal convictions, probation violations, and even financial problems can place your license in jeopardy as well.

Professional license defense attorney Max Keller will explore every avenue of defense available to intervene in investigations, protect your reputation, and defeat allegations that could ruin your career. If a conviction is inevitable or has already occurred, we will work to minimize the impact the incident has on your future and your ability to practice.

Professional License Defense Cases We Handle

As a former prosecutor in Minnesota, Max Keller has seen a wide variety of cases involving licensed professionals over the years. This experience, combined with superior skill and knowledge of the legal system is what sets Keller Law Offices apart from other professional license defense law firms in the state. Whether your past is preventing you from obtaining your professional license, you are facing an investigation or allegations that put your career in jeopardy, or your ability to practice has already been interrupted, our team can help. We defend licensed professionals in the following types of cases.

Our attorneys are skilled in the complicated intersection of criminal law and professional licensing.

Legal Representation for Professional License Complaints 

It is vital to consult with a professional license defense attorney early on in your case. The administrative process for professional license review generally begins when a client, patient, colleague, or agency files a complaint against you. The agency that oversees your license or a state or federal agency will respond by assigning an investigator. In many cases, the investigation begins with nothing more than an allegation. The investigator will typically contact you to attempt to set up a conference.

Before you meet with anyone, answer any questions, or hand over documents that can be used as evidence, give our attorneys a call.

Although many licensed professionals attempt to handle complaints on their own, doing so is not in your best interest. Even when there is no validity to a complaint, allegations of professional misconduct or other wrongdoings pose a significant threat. Hearing officers and licensing boards can be unpredictable and even unreasonable in their determinations. In some cases they may overstep their authority.

Our professional license defense team will defend your license against meritless charges, minimize the impact of past mistakes, and work to reduce sanctions or achieve a dismissal.

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