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Minnesota Insurance Fraud & Irregularities Defense Lawyers

Is Your Professional License on the Line?

Professional license defense lawyer Max Keller provides legal representation to Minnesota medical and pharmacy professionals in insurance fraud cases.

If you are under investigation for insurance fraud, your professional license and your career could be on the line. Don’t let a conviction or disciplinary action from the licensing board cause the loss of your license and ruin your future.

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What Is Insurance Fraud? 

Most healthcare insurance fraud cases are based on claims submitted to Medicare, Medicaid and TRICARE, however, cases also arise when suspicious bills are sent to private insurance companies. Although some medical professionals deliberately falsify patient records and test results to bill insurance companies for fraudulent amounts for services they have not performed, legitimate documentation can appear falsified when irregularities exist. When records are compared to regional or national averages, billing trend issues can trigger a criminal investigation. If a doctor or other licensed medical professional is charged with insurance fraud, the professional licensing board is notified and an independent investigation may be completed.

Insurance fraud may include:

  • Billing insurance companies for services that were not performed
  • Requesting unnecessary tests
  • Falsifying patient medical records
  • Providing unnecessary medical procedures
  • Prescribing unnecessary medications

Honest Billing Mistakes Can Turn into Insurance Fraud Allegations 

In many cases, honest mistakes like billing code errors, for example, can lead to insurance fraud charges. However, to convict you of insurance fraud, the government must show that you knowingly submitted a falsified claim with the intent of cheating the insurance company out of money. It if is not shown that you intended to defraud an insurance company, you are not guilty even if mistakes exist or the claim was false.

What An Insurance Fraud Conviction Can Mean for You 

Without a professional license defense lawyer on your side, insurance fraud allegations can quickly spiral out of control. If a physician or other licensed healthcare provider is convicted of insurance fraud, the professional may face severe criminal penalties including:

  • Jail or prison time
  • Parole or probation
  • Steep fines and court costs
  • Restitution that could include the reimbursement of all payments collected from insurance companies
  • The inability to be a Medicare or Medicaid provider in the future

Additionally, your professional license may be in jeopardy. The state licensing board has the authority to add conditions to your ability to practice, restrict, suspend, or revoke your license, and impose monetary fines.

Are You Under Investigation for Insurance Fraud? 

If you are a doctor who is suspected of insurance fraud, you may be aware of the investigation long before charges are filed. You may have had search warrants executed at your office or even your home. Your bank accounts may have been investigated. And your employees may have been questioned. Since these investigations are often lengthy, charges may not be formally filed for a substantial period of time.

Don’t wait to contact our attorneys. The sooner we become involved, the more we may be able to help protect your professional license, your financial future, and your freedom.

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