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Medical License Reinstatement Lawyer

Representing Minnesota Doctors, Nurses, and Licensed Medical Professionals

At Keller Law Offices, we represent doctors, nurses, and other licensed medical professionals reinstate their licenses after they have been stripped of their ability to practice.

In many cases, when your credentials have been restricted, suspended or revoked, you may be able to be reinstated to practice in Minnesota if you meet stringent requirements. Getting your license back with or without restrictions can be challenging at best, however.

If a criminal conviction caused your professional licensing issues, you may be required to provide clear and convincing evidence of your rehabilitation. Additionally, the Board has the discretion to restore your license and it may impose disciplinary or corrective measures or restrictions that can still limit your ability to practice, impact your patient load, and tarnish your reputation among your peers.

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Getting Your Professional License Reinstated in Minnesota

If restrictions were placed on your professional license or your right to practice was temporarily suspended pending the outcome of a criminal case and your charges were dismissed or your conviction was overturned by the court, the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice will review your case within 30 days of receiving the court decision. In a case like this, you may not need to prove rehabilitation to get your license reinstated.

In other cases, however, the process is lengthy, complicated, and tedious. We may need to prove to the board that you have been rehabilitated and no longer pose a threat to the public. We may need to:

  • Gather letters of reference from character witnesses
  • Collect statements from your employer
  • Provide evidence that a minimum of one year has elapsed since you were released from a correctional institution and no other criminal activity has occurred
  • Demonstrate that you have complied with the stipulations of probation, parole, and any licensing conditions

Upon review, the Board may also consider:

  • Your age
  • Your professional reputation
  • Your criminal history and extenuating circumstances
  • The seriousness and nature of the crime
  • The length of time that has elapsed since the crime was committed or you were convicted
  • Results from mental or physical health evaluations

The potency of your petition can make all the difference in whether you receive a contingent license, your license is reinstated without restriction, or you are denied reinstatement altogether.  Without an experienced licensed reinstatement attorney to guide you through the process, your chances of achieving a successful outcome are significantly reduced.

Choosing the Right Medical License Reinstatement Attorney

The attorney you choose to handle your case can make all the difference in its outcome. And not all lawyers are equal in their ability to defend your professional license. You wouldn’t go to an eye doctor for breathing problems, after all. And you probably wouldn’t trust your dermatologist to perform heart surgery. Likewise, you shouldn’t hire just any attorney to protect your right to practice in your field.

With so much on the line, it’s important to work with an attorney who has experience dealing with the medical board. You need someone who has filed petitions, worked with clients during criminal and board investigations, and represented clients at hearings. A lawyer with experience in criminal defense is an added plus. Defending Minnesota professionals against criminal charges and medical board disciplinary actions since 2004, Max Keller is that attorney.

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