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Professional License Defense Attorney for Sexual Misconduct 

Defending Medical Professionals Against Sex Crime Allegations

Professional license defense attorney Max Keller helps Minnesotans stay out of jail, eliminate or reduce their sentences, and minimize the damage of sexual misconduct charges.

Sexual misconduct allegations can destroy your future. If you are convicted, you could face harsh criminal penalties including jail or prison time, substantial fines, and court costs. You will also be vulnerable to a civil lawsuit, you may have difficulty finding a job, and your professional reputation could be severely damaged.

Don’t hire just any sexual misconduct lawyer to defend your good name.

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Physicians Are Frequent Targets of Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Medical boards across the country have watched sexual misconduct complaints against doctors surge since the beginning the the #MeToo movement in 2017. While making headlines in a high-profile case is a common reason patients falsely accuse medical professionals, there are a number of other reasons doctors and other healthcare providers are targets of false sexual misconduct allegations by patients.

  • Patients who are mentally unstable or those with psychiatric disabilities may make claims when they are confused or having episodes.
  • People with prescription drug addictions are more apt to make claims out of confusion or anger when doctors won’t refill their medications.
  • Patients under the influence of drugs or alcohol may make accusations.
  • Medical professionals are often considered high-dollar targets in civil suits.

Unfortunately, civil suits are often the least of doctors’ worries. In sexual misconduct cases, medical providers typically face five adversaries.

  • Law enforcement: criminal investigations and serious misdemeanor or felony charges
  • Medical Licensing Boards: license suspensions, restrictions, or revocations.
  • Alleged victims: civil lawsuits
  • The press: damaged professional and personal reputations
  • Additional alleged victims: increased chances of criminal and civil penalties

Five Degrees of Sexual Misconduct

In Minnesota, there are five degrees of sexual misconduct. First degree sexual misconduct is the most severe, with professionals who are convicted facing up to 30 years in prison and $40,000 in fines. While first-degree charges are rare among physicians, they do happen. And even a fifth degree conviction can land you in jail for up to five years and leave you owing up to $10,000 if there are repeat violations.

How Allegations May Impact your Professional License

The Minnesota Medical Board may refuse to grant a professional license or it may impose disciplinary action on a physician who is charged with or convicted of sexual misconduct. If you are convicted of a felony-level criminal sexual misconduct charge:

  • The Board may not grant you a license to practice medicine
  • Your professional medical license is automatically revoked

A conviction is defined as entering a plea of guilty, a jury delivering a guilty verdict, or receiving a guilty finding by the court.

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