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Our Success Stories

Lexie Stein of Keller Law Offices recently got a third-degree assault case dismissed in Hennepin County. The case involved a fight between two men who had been out drinking most of the evening. A fight broke out and Lexie Stein’s client was charged for assaulting the alleged victim. The client, however, was trying to break up the fight and did not instigate or start it. The alleged victim had a fracture to his jaw as a result of the fight. A fracture is “substantial bodily harm” under the statute and constitutes third assault. Ms. Stein was able to show that her client was also a victim in the case and not the aggressor. Through images, Ms. Stein was able to show that her client was also seriously injured. By pointing out many inconsistencies in different witness’s statements, Ms. Stein was able to convince the prosecutor that her client was a victim, not an aggressor. Minnesota Third degree assault requires “substantial bodily harm” and carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison and $10,000. Had Lexie’s client been convicted of a felony, he would have lost his job and his livelihood. Needless to say, he was ecstatic with the outcome.

Case # 15-01L

In a Renville County DWI from 2014, Keller Law Offices subpoenaed the BCA to testify at an implied consent driver’s license hearing. Their client was charged with a DWI and his livelihood was at stake because he had a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and was employed as a trucker. Due to contesting the driver’s license revocation and showing the inaccuracies of the urine test result and the fact that no one had seen his client driving, Max Keller was able to convince the prosecutor to dismiss the DWI charge and the client plead guilty to careless driving instead.

File # 14-021

In a Winona County DWI case heard in November 2014, Keller Law Office’s client tested a .080 but was still charged with a DWI and had her Driver’s License revoked under the Minnesota Implied Consent Law. Mr. Keller subpoenaed the BCA to testify to the inaccuracy of the Datamaster breath testing machine. The criminal charges were all dismissed and the implied consent driver’s license was rescinded, meaning that our client got her driver’s license back. Needless to say, she was ecstatic.

File # 14-064

In a November 2014 Dakota County Driver’s License hearing on an alleged violation of Ignition Interlock, Keller Law Office’s client was facing 4 extra years on Ignition Interlock, at a total cost of at least $4500, due to alleged tampering with Ignition Interlock. Minnesota Ignition Interlock attorney Max A. Keller proved that his client had NOT tampered with Ignition Interlock. As a result, the client did not have to do an extra four years on Ignition Interlock and his driver’s license was uncancelled. Our client was ecstatic.

File # 14-058

In September 2014, Max A. Keller of Keller Law Offices was able to get Domestic Assault Charges against his client in a Hennepin County case stemming from the city of Bloomington dismissed and the client sentenced to no further jail. The client had severe mental health and chemical dependency issues. He was receiving services in another case in Hennepin County Mental Health Court. The client was able to get off of probation on that file and was happy to receive the appropriate services for his issues.

File # 14-029

In September 2014, Max Keller of Keller Law Offices successfully argued for a Downward Sentencing Departure in a Pine County 1st degree drug charge for allegedly selling Methamphetamine. Mr. Keller’s client was an Army veteran who had seen combat duty in Iraq. Max Keller got the charge reduced to second degree controlled substance crime, rather than first degree, which cut the presumptive sentence under the Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines in half. Then Keller presented evidence of his client’s honorable service in the military including combat service in Iraq. He showed that because his client was a combat veteran that he suffered from severe PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He explained to the judge that his client had a 70% Disability rating from the VA (Veteran’s Administration) for PTSD and hearing loss from the combat service in Iraq. Mr. Keller convinced the Judge to sentence his client to what amounted to 90 days of Jail time including sentenced to Serve, instead of the presumptive prison sentence of 48 months. The client and his family were very happy.

File # 14-013

Max A. Keller and Lexie D. Stein of Keller Law Offices won a domestic assault jury trial in Ramsey County in September, 2014. Their client, a college student, was charged with four counts: 2 counts of domestic assault (fear and harm), disorderly conduct, and criminal damage to property. A conviction for domestic assault would have derailed the client’s plans of going to medical school. After a three-day jury trial, the Ramsey County jury acquitted the client on all charges. The client broke down crying with relief after the verdicts were read. Naturally, the client and his parents were extremely pleased. And his career plans were saved.

File # 13-098

In May 2014, Keller Law Offices won a complete dismissal of felony assault charges against a client in Chisago County. Max Keller showed that his client, who was accused of biting a paramedic and fighting with police, was suffering under the equivalent of temporary insanity because he had just had a seizure, although police claimed it was a drug overdose. When Keller produced medical records showing that his client did not have any drugs in his system that could have caused the alleged overdose symptoms, the prosecutor agreed to drop the charges. The client, who could now go back to work, was ecstatic.

File # 13-100

In an April 2014 case, Lexie Stein won the complete dismissal on the day of trial of Hennepin County felony threats and theft charges against her client, who had been innocently picking up a prescription at the drug store. Realizing the weakness of the State’s case, the prosecutor tried to substitute a felony theft charge for the threats charge. Lexie successfully argued that State lacked probable cause for the new felony theft charge. Therefore, the Judge had no choice but to dismiss the case.The client was thrilled.

File # 13-L3

In July, 2014, in a Dakota County sex case charged in 2013, Keller Law Offices client was charged with criminal sexual conduct for sexually touching an incapacitated person, and possession of child pornography. He was facing a likely prison sentence. Luckily for him, criminal defense attorney Max A. Keller was able to arrange a settlement whereby the client avoided prison time. The client then was able to continue working and going to school and was very happy.

File # 13-016

In a Dakota County DWI case from 2012 resolved in May of 2014, Keller Law Offices Client was sentenced to only three additional days of jail even though he had committed his 5th lifetime DWI. The client had already completed alcohol treatment, allowing Max Keller to successfully convince the Dakota County judge to order the client to do the balance of his sentence on house arrest with alcohol monitoring rather than jail. The client was pleased that this allowed him to continue his home-based business. We also helped him to get driving legally again by going on Ignition Interlock.

File # 13-008
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