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Criminal Defense Attorney Fees

How Much Will Hiring a Lawyer Cost You?

Criminal defense attorney fees vary depending on the charges you face, the challenges in your case, and the defense team you hire. The criminal defense attorneys at Keller Law Offices, Max Keller and Barry S. Edwards, have the experience and expertise to stand up for you! 

Max and Barry are long-time, highly rated Super Lawyers with 40 years combined criminal defense experience. Barry is one of only 58 Certified Criminal Law Specialists in the entire state of Minnesota.  The Keller lawyers have won many major felony cases and tried cases from misdemeanors to murder to verdict.  We try your case! 

Representation in a criminal case is complex and requires education, skill, and expertise. First, we have to argue bail or conditions of release to get our clients out of custody.  Then we collect evidence (called “discovery”).  Discovery includes videos, statements by witnesses and parties, and we conduct our own investigation using highly experienced investigators. 

Then we file motions to suppress (or throw out) evidence or dismiss the charges based on all the evidence we have gathered.  We may file motions to suppress forensic evidence (like fingerprints, DNA, etc.)  that was improperly handled, or to disclose an alleged victim’s records of drug abuse or mental illness.  We may also file a motion to get your statement to police thrown out or suppressed. Or for instance, in a DWI case we may file a motion that your right to an attorney was violated, or you were illegally stopped, meaning that the DWI test result has to be thrown out or the entire case has to be dismissed.  We argue these motions in briefs and in front of the judge.  

Then we start preparing for trial, gathering and organizing all the materials we’ve collected, preparing cross-examination of the police and other witnesses, preparing exhibits. 

Keller Law Offices Criminal Defense Attorney Fees

Even the Smallest Cases Demand Thorough Preparation and Due Diligence. The cost of hiring a criminal defense attorney depends on the complexity of the matter. 

  • Misdemeanors start at $2500 and can go to $7500.
  • Gross Misdemeanors start at $4500 and go to $10,000
  • Felonies start at $10,000

There are cheaper firms out there.  There are firms that cut corners.  Competent, hard-hitting criminal defense is going to cost you.  Not hiring the best will cost you more!

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