How Do I Find A Criminal Defense Lawyer Near Me?

When an individual is charged with a criminal offense in Minnesota, a conviction can be life altering. It is imperative that he or she obtain the representation of a qualified Minneapolis criminal lawyer as soon as possible to ensure that every avenue is pursued and that his or her rights are protected. Finding the right criminal defense attorney to handle a particular case can be a challenging task, however. Here are a few tips for finding the right attorney for a criminal case.

  • Finding the Right Type of Attorney: All attorneys are not the same. To ensure that clients receive the best legal representation possible, many lawyers concentrate on specific areas of the law. While some attorneys may have extensive experience in family law matters, for instance, they might not be quite as well versed in criminal defense. And even defense lawyers might choose a specific area of criminal law to focus their efforts on- like DUI for example. Those attorneys might not be as capable of handling other types of criminal cases. Individuals who are facing criminal charges should search for a qualified attorney who is experienced in dealing with their particular type of case.
  • Experience: Although newer attorneys might be a bit more affordable in some cases, it’s important for individuals to remember that their livelihood, finances and reputation could very well be on the line and a conviction could result in significant consequences. Especially when the case is complex, finding a criminal defense attorney who has an abundance of experience is essential.
  • Communication: It is vital for individuals who are facing criminal charges to be able to effectively communicate with their attorneys. Even the best Minneapolis criminal lawyer cannot effectively protect an individual’s rights if he or she does not know every detail that pertains to the case. Additionally, it is important that clients receive a full and accurate explanation of their legal position including all of the options available based upon the facts and circumstances surrounding their case. Therefore having a defense attorney who is committed to keeping his or her clients informed is crucial.

Depending on the criminal charges one is facing, a conviction could mean jail or prison time, significant fines and penalties, the loss of a professional license, and damage to his or her reputation. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney on his or her side can make all the difference.

Max Keller has won countless jury trial cases involving misdemeanors and felonies, sex crimes, and DWI’s. He is a member of the Minnesota Society for Criminal Justice, which only allows the top 50 criminal defense attorneys in the state as members. Max is a frequent speaker at CLE’s and is often asked for advice by other defense attorneys across Minnesota.

Years of Experience: Approx. 20 years
Minnesota Registration Status: Active
Bar & Court Admissions: State of Minnesota Minnesota State Court Minnesota Federal Court 8th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals State of Maryland

What to Do If You Have Been Charged with a Criminal Offense

When charged with a crime in Minneapolis, Minnesota, one of the first questions you may have is: "Should I use a public defender or hire a private attorney?" Ultimately, the choice between a public defender and a private attorney depends on factors like your financial situation, criminal charges, and personal preferences.
Driving under the influence (DUI) of cocaine in Minnesota is a serious criminal offense. The penalties you may be facing if you're convicted on driving under the influence of cocaine will depend on your past DWI offenses, whether there are aggravating factors, and whether there were any injuries or fatalities caused. Several prior offenses and serious injuries or fatalities result in harsher penalties, such as hefty fines, license suspension or revocation, or jail time.
Knowing how to choose a criminal defense lawyer in Minneapolis, MN, can help you hire a lawyer who will prepare an effective defense strategy and fight for the best result from your case. One of the crucial tips when selecting a criminal defense lawyer is to vet those with relevant experience in cases like yours. You can only do this when you thoroughly understand the charges you are facing.