Dismissal Of Domestic Assault Charge For Keller Criminal Defense Attorneys Client

Max Keller was successful in getting a domestic assault charge dismissed in Ramsey County. The client was charged with misdemeanor domestic assault after an altercation at his house with his partner. After the police arrived, the alleged victim said that she was hit by the client. The client was then arrested and taken to the Ramsey county jail. After multiple court appearances, the St. Paul City attorney’s office dismissed the charges on the day of trial.

If you have been charged with domestic assault, it may become crucial to the case to hire a private investigator or investigate the alleged victim. There are also certain motions such as a Paradee motion that a criminal defense attorney can file in the case. A Paradee motion is an in-camera review of records that a defendant may request about the alleged victim, such as medical records. A criminal defendant must show that there is a plausible showing that the records would be material and favorable to the defendant’s defense. If you have been charged with assault or domestic assault, contact the attorneys at Keller Criminal Defense Attorneys to see if a Paradee motion is relevant to help with your case, and if the victim doesn’t show up to court, he or she may face penalties.

Often times when individuals get charged with domestic assault, a Domestic Abuse No Contact Order (DANCO) against the victim is put in place. Regardless of whether the parties protest, judges will still impose the DANCO. For example, this occurs when boyfriends and girlfriends get into arguments and one of the parties gets charged. Even if the parties have children together and live together, judges will still impose the DANCO.

It is possible to file a motion to lift the no contact order. You will need a Minnesota defense attorney to do this for you. There is important information that needs to be in the motion. Because many judges in Minnesota have different requirements for whether they will consider lifting the no contact order, it is important to hire a Minnesota Defense Attorney. Some judges require statements from the victim and the victim impact advocate. Other judges demand that the victims actually show up in court. This becomes problematic because the Defendant cannot have contact with the victim as per the order. A Minnesota defense attorney will need to make sure the defendant stays away from the victim during court proceedings. If charged with violating a no contact order, you will be charged with a gross misdemeanor, which may constitute jail time.

It is important to hire a criminal defense lawyer as soon as you are arrested. Any statements can be used against you. Keller Criminal Defense Attorneys offers a free consultation. The Keller Law Office attorneys are criminal defense lawyers in Minnesota and travel statewide to represent their clients. Call 952-913-1421 to talk to a criminal defense lawyer and for a free case evaluation. It is worth hiring an attorney to try and keep your criminal record clean and avoid a conviction on your record. A domestic assault or any criminal conviction may get in the way of future job opportunities.

Max Keller has won countless jury trial cases involving misdemeanors and felonies, sex crimes, and DWI’s. He is a member of the Minnesota Society for Criminal Justice, which only allows the top 50 criminal defense attorneys in the state as members. Max is a frequent speaker at CLE’s and is often asked for advice by other defense attorneys across Minnesota.

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What to Do If You Have Been Charged with a Criminal Offense

Knowing how to choose a criminal defense lawyer in Minneapolis, MN, can help you hire a lawyer who will prepare an effective defense strategy and fight for the best result from your case. One of the crucial tips when selecting a criminal defense lawyer is to vet those with relevant experience in cases like yours. You can only do this when you thoroughly understand the charges you are facing.
People anticipating an arrest in Minneapolis, Minnesota, might ask, “What is the role of a defense attorney during an arrest?” A skilled criminal defense attorney can explain your options, ensure the police follow the rules, and protect your rights. The attorney will build a solid defense, talk to the prosecutor, and fight for your best interests.
Knowing when to hire a criminal lawyer for your case in Minnesota can help protect your constitutional rights and turn the odds in your favor. You should retain a criminal lawyer immediately after learning you are under investigation, get arrested, or are charged with a crime. Seasoned criminal lawyers understand the criminal justice system, can build a winning defense strategy, and aggressively push for a positive outcome of your case.