Drunk driving is down; severity of DUI charge remains the same

Drunk driving is a serious offense that can lead to serious consequences, and it is more common than most people may recognize. With a culture of happy hours and college parties it isn’t just what people see as stereotypical criminals who face drunk driving charges. It’s their neighbors, their friends and their family.

According to a recent study, DUI incidents across the country are down, or at least people are less likely to admit to getting behind the wheel after drinking. Some attribute the decreased rate of drunk driving to the economy, pointing out that drinking at home is more budget-friendly than doing so at a bar.

Nationwide research shows that younger men, ages 21-34 have the highest number of instances of drunk driving. But they are not the only ones who admit and are, therefore, at risk of being charged with DWI. Young men might drive drunk more often, but overall, an estimated one in 50 adults in the U.S. reportedly confesses to having driven while intoxicated.

It’s easy to have a momentary lapse of judgment that can result in a DUI arrest. That arrest and potential subsequent conviction can complicate a person’s life in many ways, even if no one was hurt. When charged with drunk driving, it’s wise to talk to an attorney who specializes in DUI defense as soon as possible. Drinking and driving is a mistake, but in many cases it should be one you can get past and move on from without your life being completely interrupted.


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