Fewer DWI and DUI arrests around University’s Minneapolis campus

No matter which school we are talking about, most college campuses are considered “party areas.” According to a recent report, however, The University of Minnesota’s Minneapolis campus is proving to be a pretty tame campus as far as drinking and driving goes.

Sources compiled research from DWI and DUI arrests over the past several years from the campus area. The rates of arrests were compared and reveal that 2011 so far shows that there has been a decrease in the number of intoxicated drivers who are caught behind the wheel.

According to The Minnesota Daily, 33 people have been arrested for drunk driving or driving under the influence in the campus neighborhood area since the beginning of the year. With the year about half done, 33 does sound surprisingly low for a campus area. It seems like that amount could be arrested during a commencement weekend alone.

The highest rate of DWI and DUI arrests near the Minneapolis campus was reportedly during the year of 2003, with more than 200 arrests having taken place that year. The reason behind the decreased amount of arrests is not completely confirmed.

Perhaps fewer students and those who live near or commute through campus are engaging in driving under the influence. Or, perhaps Minneapolis and campus patrols are doing less to target such offenders.

Even though DWI and DUI arrests are down in the area, they still do and will occur. And when someone is arrested for driving under the influence, they still deserve a diligent defense from the harsh potential consequences, such as 90 days in jail, that can result from a mere first offense.


The Minnesota Daily: “DUI/DWI citations down on campus,” Megan Nicolai, 15 Jun. 2011

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