Golf carts are also off limits to drive while drunk in Minnesota

In Minnesota, officials take drunk driving seriously. Sure, every suspect should be provided certain protections when it comes to their rights, but overall, the system is out to charge and convict people of drunk driving when it can. No matter what the situation, a person accused of DWI should always be vigilant to get out of their case with the best possible outcome.

One needs and deserves to protect their name and future from the significant penalties that can follow a drunk driving charge. It doesn’t matter whether they were pulled over in a Buick in Minneapolis, an SUV in Minnetonka – or a golf cart in St. Louis Park.

Yes, someone who is caught driving drunk behind the wheel of a tiny golf cart can face as much trouble as anyone else. One Minnesota DWI suspect is now learning the meaning of that reality, after he was reportedly arrested on a Saturday morning a couple of weeks ago, driving a golf cart while allegedly under the influence.

Reports indicate that when the Plymouth man was found by officials, he told them that he had stolen the golf cart in order to fetch his stranded friend some gas. That admission supported a theft charge against the suspect. When officials checked the suspect’s blood alcohol content, it measured significantly above the legal limit.

The incident makes for some serious criminal charges against the 21-year-old. He was arrested and charged with theft of the golf cart and two counts of third-degree DWI. If convicted of all charges, and this is only a hypothetical, the young man could face up to seven years in jail.

While a DWI case involving a golf cart might seem silly, this story shows just how serious such so-called silliness can be. We do not know much about this defendant at this point and whether he has a criminal background, but what is certain is that his supposed decisions to steal that cart and drive drunk that morning will make a difference in his life. How big and bad of a difference will come down to the defense he puts up.


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The criminal defense process in Minnesota constitutes several steps, starting with investigations and culminating with appeals. This process can be long and exhausting. An arrest alone can leave you scared, confused, and overwhelmed with emotions. Making logical decisions in this state can be difficult, especially if it is your first time interacting with the criminal justice system.