Man accused of string of Twin Cities burglaries charged

Police are saying that a Minnesota man has been caught mid-heist after burglarizing a high-end home. The 43-year-old man is suspected of more than 20 incidents of theft in more than 11 areas of the Twin Cities, but police have released little information about what they say connects this man to the other break-ins.

Police arrested the man after putting him under surveillance. Reports indicate that he was seen leaving the scene of a robbery at a residence when law enforcement made its move. The man allegedly broke into the home, opened the garage door, parked his car in the garage, and then drove away with stolen goods. He is suspected of entering through the home’s back door, which was found damaged after the incident.

WCCO 4 says the man stole jewelry, computers, and a large television. After searching the man’s home, officers claim to have found other jewelry and expensive items.

Although the man is accused of a string of burglaries, it seems police officers only have admitted to having evidence of one break-in. Arresting a man and publically accusing him of over a dozen burglaries is extremely serious, especially if police have not provided any proof that he was involved in the other crimes. With such allegations following him around, the man may have a difficult time convincing others of his innocence even if he is eventually acquitted.

Police say the man would drive around neighborhoods until he found an area that was deserted and pick a house to break into.

Source: WCCO 4, “Man Suspected In Several Metro Burglaries Caught,” James Schugel, Feb. 9, 2012

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