Minnesota chiropractor is re-licensed after fraud convictions

Even after serving a criminal sentence, the side effects of conviction can follow a person for many years. In particular, a criminal history may make it difficult — or even impossible — to pursue professional opportunities. This is one reason why securing a strong criminal defense can be beneficial.

A chiropractor based in the Twin Cities has spent time in state and federal prisons on fraud charges since 1999. The man has served his time for the white-collar crimes, but the Star Tribune reports that he still owes $1.5 million to people he defrauded. In addition to spending time behind bars, the man also had his chiropractic license revoked by the state licensing board.

Now that the man is out of prison and has completed multiple aspects of his sentences, the Minnesota Board of Chiropractic Examiners has allowed the man’s license to practice to be reinstated. The state board says there is likely little chance the man will offend again. This will allow him to work in his designated field and become a more active community member.

Of course, some have raised objections to the board’s decision. Apparently the man has not completely paid back those who were involved in the fraud scheme. However, now that the man will have broader access to employment, it may be easier to repay his debts in accord with his criminal sentence.

A trustworthy attorney can help a person navigate through the impacts of serious criminal charges. As this case shows, numerous aspects of a person’s life can be put on hold by criminal charges.

Source: Star Tribune, “Minnesota board allows chiropractor convicted of fraud to practice,” Alejandea Matos, July 22, 2013

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