Which Minnesota city had the most late-summer DUI arrests?

In the past, we wrote about how drivers need to be careful during certain times of the year, when law enforcement all over the state hits the streets in full force in order to make drunk driving arrests. Specifically, one of those times was between August and September.

The end of summer is a common time for police to become vigilant about making DWI arrests, and agencies officially upped their presence on Minnesota roads between Aug. 19 and Sep. 5. The results of the end-of-summer DWI-arrest tactics are in.

One city stands out as the city that had the most drunk driving arrests. With 97 DWI arrests, St. Paul takes the top spot. Various other Hennepin County cities also produced numerous arrests, including Eden Prairie, Edina, Minneapolis and more.

Sources report that the 18-day increased DWI enforcement netted nearly 1,800 DUI arrests. In a recent blog post, we shared how research shows a significant decrease in the number of deadly drunk driving accidents in Minnesota. Law enforcement credits crackdowns such as the most recent one for creating safer roads.

Someone who is arrested for DWI should take the arrest and possible charge seriously. Sure, it can seem like a minor infraction, but the way to have the arrest make the most minor impact on one’s life is by relying on experienced legal help. Based on the report that about 1,800 people were arrested during the crackdown, it sounds like there are about 1,800 people who need to think seriously about how to protect their futures.


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