Mother picking up son on underage drinking offense accused of DWI in Oak Park Heights

The manager of a Walmart store in Oak Park Heights called police around 8:00 in the morning November 25 to report a trio of allegedly unruly teens. The manager claims that the teens were asked to leave the store several times that morning before police were called in. In the end, all three teens are facing underage drinking charges from the allegations at the store. In addition, Oak Park Heights Police claim that the mother of one of the kids arrived to pick up her son. Based upon the officers’ observations at the store, the mother is now also facing alcohol-related charges for driving while impaired.

Law enforcement says that the three teens ranged in age from 16- to 19-years-old. The store manager claims that he noticed that the kids appeared to be under the influence before he called in law enforcement. When police arrived, law enforcement claims that two teens refused to submit to a potable breath test until their parents’ arrived. One of the teens reportedly submitted a breath test when asked.

Officers apparently searched at least one of the teens at the store. Police claim that one had a small bottle of vodka in a jacket pocket. The Stillwater Gazette reports that the teen found in possession of alcohol was handcuffed.

Police called the teens’ parents. As they began to arrive, law enforcement says that one of the mothers appeared to be under the influence. Law enforcement asked her for identification. Authorities claim that the woman had a Minnesota ID card, but said that she had a South Dakota driver’s license. Oak Park Heights Police claim that her out-of-state license was expired. Police also say that the woman had an outstanding $100 warrant from Washington County.

Her son was released to her boyfriend, while she was taken to the Washington County Jail. Police say that she was processed on DWI charges. She reportedly was given paperwork for a DWI license revocation and license plate impoundment at the jail.

Source: Stillwater Gazette, “Mischief at local store lands teens, mom in trouble,” Dec. 5, 2012

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