Murder Charge for Bemidji Man Who Shot Neighbor Girl

Man Charged After Shooting His Neighbor Three Times
Chad Pickering was charged with attempted first-degree murder in Beltrami County. Pickering shot at a 17 year old girl over a lawn mower. He allegedly shot her three times after she told him to stop riding his lawn mover through her yard. She went outside to see why her dog was barking and he shot her on her deck. She was able to get back inside and call the police and is expected to live. She had previously had conversations with Pickering and asked him to not drive her lawn mower on her lawn while carrying his gun. Three shells were found nearby her home.
Police found a gun that matched the shells found near her home and a holster that was hidden in his air vent. Pickering changed his story a few times after conversing with police. He first told the police that he did not have a .45 caliber gun and that his wife sold it. He then denied leaving his house all day. Later, he said that he took his children for a ride on his lawn mower and that the girl was waiting and threatening him about crossing onto her lawn. He then incriminated himself and admitted that he waited for her to come out of her house and shot her.
What is TYPE OF Felony Sentence is Pickering facing?
Pickering could get up to 20 years in prison for attempted first-degree murder. Bail is currently set at $300.000.00. If you have been charged with murder, contact Keller Criminal Defense Attorneys for a free consultation. Murder convictions may carry a lifelong prison sentence. It is important to hire an experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense attorney from the beginning to ensure you do not incriminate yourself. Individuals charged with a crime have the right to remain silent under the Fifth Amendment. A skilled Minnesota Defense Attorney will look at the circumstances under which a  statement to police was made. An experienced criminal defense attorney will also examine whether a suspect’s statement was coerced given lawfully. Call (952) 913-1421 today.

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What to Do If You Have Been Charged with a Criminal Offense

Stay calm and compose after getting accused of a crime but not charged in Minneapolis, MN. Do not discuss the facts of your case with anyone, including your relatives and family members. Hire a criminal defense attorney with a demonstrated record of winning cases like yours. Your attorney will discuss your rights, guide you on how to cooperate with law enforcement within the legal boundaries, and build a solid defense strategy to fight the charges you could face in the future.
Expungement and sealing of records in Minnesota affect how your criminal history appears to government agencies and the public. The main difference between the two legal actions is that expungement permanently removes past arrests, criminal charges, or convictions from private and public databases, while sealing hides the criminal record from the public. Courts, government entities, and law enforcement agencies can access sealed criminal records.
Minnesota recently passed a public safety bill that brings sweeping changes to the state’s juvenile justice system. While minors sometimes run afoul of the law, the juvenile justice system seeks to account for the differences between children and adults. Therefore, while the penalties for adults convicted of crimes focus on punishment, those for juveniles are aimed at diversion and restorative practices.