Pacino’s daughter gets suspended license for DUI

There are perks and downfalls of being a celebrity. Sure, making blockbuster movies can buy someone like Al Pacino lots of toys, but that money doesn’t buy him or his family privacy. Criminal allegations can have a lasting impact on a person’s reputation and family.

When someone is a celebrity, any criminal matter they get involved with becomes a constant focus on various news channels. What’s even worse is that the children of celebrities also can’t escape the media limelight. Now that the DWI case against Al Pacino’s adult daughter has ended, hopefully she can move on with her life.

In July, sources reported that Pacino’s 21-year-old daughter was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. She was pulled over late one night as part of a DWI checkpoint going on in New York City. Authorities found sufficient reason to take her into custody and later charge her with what’s apparently her first DWI. In Minnesota, police are not allowed to run DUI checkpoints. The law protects citizens’ privacy and prevents them from becoming targets of unnecessary criminal investigations.

The summer has come to an end and so has this celebrity drunk driving case. All that’s left is for the star’s daughter to live up to the sentencing handed down to her last week. She is required to attend a program related to drunk driving, pay a $300 fine and have her driver’s license suspended for 90 days.


CBS News: “Daughter of Al Pacino gets non-criminal plea for DWI Charge,” Casey Glynn, Sep. 22, 2011

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