Police get warrant for May 1 DWI blood draw

Authorities in Hennepin County reportedly obtained a warrant to draw blood in an alleged drunk driving investigation on May 1. Authorities claim that a St. Cloud, Minnesota man led an off-duty Plymouth police officer on a chase that began in Maple Grove near Interstate 94 and Weaver Lake Road. Hennepin County deputies and officers from the Rogers Police Department reportedly were also involved.

Officials claim that the off-duty cop noticed a motorcycle driving erratically. A chase was on, and Hennepin County officials claim that the St. Cloud man ran through the ditch on a motorcycle and also nearly crashed with trucks during the alleged chase. Law enforcement says that the motorcycle rider eventually lost control of the bike on County Road 19 and crashed the bike into a ditch.

Law enforcement claims that the man displayed indicia of impairment, but refused to participate in field sobriety tests. Authorities apparently applied for a search warrant to conduct a blood draw for evidence in a possible DWI prosecution.

The man reportedly is currently charged with DWI and fleeing police. The level of a fleeing charge is dependent upon the method of alleged fleeing under Minnesota law. Fleeing on foot from a police officer is generally a misdemeanor level offense. If a person is accused of fleeing in a motor vehicle, the stakes are significantly higher, as fleeing in a motor vehicle is a felony level offense in Minnesota.

Authorities say that the investigation continues and additional charges may be added at a later time. Hennepin County authorities say that the motorcycle used in the alleged incident had been reported stolen in Minneapolis before the alleged DWI chase.

Source: Plymouth Patch, “Charges Filed Against Driver of Stolen Motorcycle that Police Chased Down Interstate,” Jay Corn, May 6, 2013

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