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Minnesota Money Laundering Defense Attorney

If you are facing charges of money laundering in Minnesota, there are severe consequences at stake. The government can seize your money, charge you with a crime and sentence you to decades in prison if you are found guilty. It is imperative to work with an aggressive white collar crimes attorney in order to build a strong defense and secure the best possible outcome.

St. Paul White Collar Crimes Attorney

Money laundering is exactly how it sounds: taking “dirty” money, or funds obtained through criminal activity, and making it seem clean. People usually achieve this through funneling the money through a legitimate business or by placing it in offshore accounts, though there are a number of ways to conceal the source of the cash. In many cases, the activity is associated with other criminal charges, including:

Failing to report a transaction of $10,000 or more or modifying a transaction to hide its actual value are both considered money laundering. The government may especially pay attention to people or businesses that operate largely in cash. In order to secure a conviction, prosecutors will have to prove that a defendant concealed the funds to purposefully hide the ownership or source of the cash. This largely differs from someone who simply hides money, such as putting in under the mattress or stowing it away in the attic.

Charges for laundering money in Minnesota are always considered a felony, and penalties can include hefty fines of up to $1 million as well as prison sentences between 10 and 20 years. Additionally, the government can seize your property in forfeiture to make up for the cash that was laundered. Such severe consequences highlight the importance of working with a criminal defense attorney.

Respond with a Strong Defense

In order to successfully defend such charges, it is essential to work with a money laundering defense attorney who has experience in federal court. At Keller Law Offices, we are available around the clock and offer free consultations to clients in need of legal representation. Our attorney has worked with a number of clients facing money laundering charges and can travel across the state in order to build a strong defense. To speak with an attorney today, please call our office at (952) 913-1421.

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