Rosemount woman arrested on suspicion of medication DWI

Dakota County prosecutors say that a Rosemount woman was arrested at her home for driving while impaired June 21. Authorities say that police confronted the woman as she stood outside her home, holding her three-year-old child. Law enforcement apparently was responding to a report of an alleged erratic driver, who allegedly drove up onto a curb near County Road 42 and Diamond Path.

The police officer apparently spoke with the woman while standing outside her home. Law enforcement claims that the woman was slurring her speech and had difficulty keeping her balance. She reportedly told the cop that she did not know why anyone would have called about her driving.

Apparently, law enforcement believes that the woman may have been under the influence of a medication. Law enforcement says that the woman did poorly of field sobriety tests during the encounter. Officials assert the woman admitted to having taken two medications.

Law enforcement says that the woman turned over a prescription medication bottle that contained three types of pills, and apparently had fewer pills than police believe should have remained from the prescription indicated on the bottle. The woman now faces drug charges in addition to DWI charges.

Generally, Minnesota law prohibits impaired driving-but the DWI laws also prohibit more than just alcohol-related offenses. While each and every case can have unique allegations, drugged driving allegations can have complex issues. An experienced Minneapolis DWI lawyer can assist someone charged with a drugged driving offense in aggressively defending against the state’s allegations.

Source: Rosemount Town Pages, “Woman charged with DUI,” Alec Hogstad, June 27, 2012

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